Lease Management

Billing & Revenue Management Challenges

For Lease Management businesses, it is important to be able to manage unique rental agreements and payment terms with each tenant. Furthermore, it is also imperative to be able to manage and monitor their recurring payments with as little manual intervention as possible.

Lastly, more lease management companies are turning to solutions where they can empower their tenants to manage their own rental plans and easily manage payments. Hence there is a need to have an interface for tenants that is user friendly and helps them to manage payments easily.

How OneBill Can Help

OneBill CPQ


Contract Management, Quoting & E-Approvals

Easily create, manage and amend tenant contracts and agreements. Develop a customized and branded rental agreement for your tenants. Eliminate all offline flows for receiving approvals for your rental agreements. Automate the quote approval process with a DocuSign integration. Configure custom business process workflows to deal with quotes and order approvals automatically.

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OneBill CRM

(Customer Relationship Management)

Self-Care Portal

Empower your customers to control their subscription plans. Through a single interface, customers can update their account information themselves: change account profile information, contact info and add new payment. They can also view their invoices, pay and instantly download payment receipts.

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OneBill BRM

(Billing & Revenue Management)

Billing & Invoicing

Choose from a wide array of billing methods and provide your customers with a billing method that is tailored to their needs (e.g. standard, flex, on-demand, order-based etc.). Include add-ons and other features in the bill (e.g. discounts, run-time charges, taxes). Customize the design of your invoice template and choose when you want each customer to be billed.

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