OneBill Platform’s Features

Enterprise Billing Software with Advanced Features

ONE cloud-based enterprise billing platform with 5 products that ultimately power the entire customer lead-to-revenue generation experience.​



Product & Pricing Studio

Configure multiple complex products with different pricing types (metered, one-time, recurring, variable, etc.)


Price Personalization

Personalize product offers and setup limited period discounts, and unique promotional bundles.


Contract Management

Create, manage, and amend customer contracts.


Quoting & E-Approvals

Prepare and send individual quotes with custom designed invoices and configure process workflows to automate quotes and order approvals.

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Usage Rating Engine

Rate on any aspect of a products such as seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, clicks, API calls, downloads, etc.



Capture the required tax information and calculate it in real-time for every invoice.


Billing & Invoicing

Implement a preferred billing model such as one-time, recurring, usage-based, and hybrid billing with custom invoice templates.


Accounts Receivable Reporting​

Get your billing / collections team to look at invoices generated during a specific period, take a stock of invoices which have not been paid, or track the payments received

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Subscriber Management

Create, personalize, manage and update customer profiles, and subscription plans.


Service Desk

Raise tickets, record customer interactions, and responses via multiple touchpoints.


Self-Care Portal

Let your subscribers register, login to their account to view/manage profile, payments, subscriptions, invoices, and raising tickets.


Storefront Shopping Cart​

Easily view selected product and pricing options and be driven to subscribe and complete the checkout process.

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Workflow Engine

Define workflows and remove any form of manual intervention from the order fulfillment process.


Order Orchestration

Process your orders with an automated sequence of fulfillment steps.


Automated Service Fulfillment

Associate rules with individual tasks, so services can be instantaneously activated, modified, deactivated, suspended or resumed across any network device or application


Inventory Management

Manage inventory and their associated details (e.g. SKU number) and assign them to specific customer subscription plans.

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Hybrid Catalog

Offer a version of your catalog for a specific resale or agency partner with a defined product mix, price range and incentive models, as well as allowing them to add their own products and services.


White-Label Bill-On-Behalf-Of​

Enable your partners to white-label their customer invoices with their own branding.


Multi-Party Settlement​

Configure the settlement utility and define the process for each partner with multiple settlement modes depending on who is managing the subscriber.


Commission Management​​

Receive automated commissions based on an agreed set of rules (e.g. a percentage defined or dollar amount).

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