OneBill’s Usage-Based Billing Software

The Best, Flexible, and Sophisticated Metered Billing Software

OneBill’s usage-based billing software is the most sophisticated and flexible billing software in the industry. It has the most powerful usage-rating engine that can trigger various events based on your configuration and ensure accurate invoicing.


“Personally having purchased, utilized, and been responsible for overall operations and cash flow at other companies in my career, some of which are very large, I find OneBill to be a refreshing answer to solving complex business, management, revenue, and reporting issues.”

Peter Geddis, COO, 101VOICE

Peter Geddis


Charge your customers based on their usage

With OneBill’s metered billing, businesses can track their customers’ consumption of a product or a service and give them flexibility to bill and rate on any aspect of their products such as seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, clicks, API calls, downloads, etc.


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Why choose OneBill?

Supports all flexible pricing models

OneBill is the most flexible and sophisticated usage-based billing software available in the industry.​

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

In pay-as-you-go pricing, customers pay for what they use.

  • There are no tiers or no limitations on volume.
  • Businesses can track their customers’ usage patterns and make better offers for their customers.
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Tiered Pricing

In tiered pricing, businesses can bundle their products and services into separate plans and charge their customers based on the usage of the features from those plans.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate tiered pricing.
  • For 1-20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    21 – 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    41 apps to 1000 – $0.3/unit.
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Volume Based Pricing

Volume-based pricing sets the price of an item based on the quantity being purchased. This is a pricing strategy where reduced pricing drives higher sales volume.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate monthly volume based pricing.
  • For 1-20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    21 – 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    41 to 1000 apps – $0.3/unit.
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Threshold pricing

Threshold pricing is defined as the charge based on the step the quantity falls in. This feature lets you price items differently for higher quantities.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate threshold pricing.
  • Maximum of 20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    Maximum of 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    Maximum of 1000 apps – $0.3/unit.
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How OneBill’s Metered Billing Software Works

Metered charges are applied based on the service utilization by subscribers.

  • For example: When a subscriber has purchased a telecom product and they use some units of voice calls and data packages offered in the product. 
  • After initializing the service, the subscriber would be charged for all the voice calls made or data downloaded in their device/system during their billing period.
  • At the end of the billing period, the customer will be billed for the total number of units consumed.
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Partners & Integrations

Fully integrated with some of the world’s leading solutions

OneBill is seamlessly integrated with other enterprise systems such as carriers & service providers, payment gateways, accounting & admin, taxation, and CRM & ERP platforms

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Customer Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers say!

OneBill has been helping SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises to automate their entire quote-to-cash process since 2009

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OneBill streamlined the payment collection process, multi-level partner management, and reseller commissioning of NEC.

Unitas Global Case Study

OneBill’s internal tax engine helped Unitas Global with huge savings and OneBill MLCM allowed them to create multiple locations to support different currencies as well international taxation.

How OneBill Helped BlueRim Networks

OneBill eliminated the manual process completely by implementing the usage-rating engine to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner.