Metered Billing/ Usage-Based Billing Software

Powerful usage-based billing system for the consumption era

Effortlessly enable pay-as-you-go pricing, | tiered pricing, | volume-based pricing, | threshold pricing, | feature-based pricing, | user/seat-based pricing, | overage pricing, | prorated subscriptions, |
and any combination of fixed + usage-based pricing models.

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OneBill is saving us from manually calculating usage charges. Automation and customization make billing a breeze. Starting from a quote to then processing an order and finally to invoicing is now orderly and streamlined.

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The Most Sophisticated Usage-Based Billing Software

Track, process, and automate

OneBill enables you to track your customers’ consumption of a product or a service and gives you the flexibility to rate and bill on any aspect of your products such as seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, end-points, clicks, API calls, downloads, etc.


Track consumption of every customer


Process billable events from multiple vendors


Automate usage rating, charging, and billing

Usage-Based Pricing is a Secret Weapon for Many of Our Customers’ Rapid Growth

Popular Usage-Based Pricing Models Among Our Customers

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

In pay-as-you-go pricing, customers pay for what they use.

  • There are no tiers or no limitations on volume.
  • Businesses can track their customers’ usage patterns and make better offers for their customers.
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Tiered Pricing

In tiered pricing, businesses can bundle their products and services into separate plans and charge their customers based on the usage of the features from those plans.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate tiered pricing.
  • For 1-20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    21 – 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    41 apps to 1000 – $0.3/unit.
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Volume Based Pricing

Volume-based pricing sets the price of an item based on the quantity being purchased. This is a pricing strategy where reduced pricing drives higher sales volume.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate monthly volume based pricing.
  • For 1-20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    21 – 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    41 to 1000 apps – $0.3/unit.
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Threshold pricing

Threshold pricing is defined as the charge based on the step the quantity falls in. This feature lets you price items differently for higher quantities.

  • Let’s take an example to demonstrate threshold pricing.
  • Maximum of 20 apps – $0.5/unit,
    Maximum of 40 apps – $0.4/unit,
    Maximum of 1000 apps – $0.3/unit.
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Fully configurable built-in usage-rating, mediation

OneBill has the most powerful usage-rating engine that can trigger various events based on your configuration and ensure accurate invoicing.

  • Fully configurable rating engine to map any field and track any aspect of your products
  • High throughput – over 3 million usage events are being processed every single day
  • Powerful built-in mediation to collect raw usage data and then process and convert them into charges
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Integrated with 50+ External Systems

Fully integrated with some of the world’s leading solutions

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