A Unified Agile Billing & Monetization Platform for MSPs and VARs

Accelerate revenue growth and scalability

With OneBill, MSPs and VARs can have the autonomy and flexibility to configure any type of managed service, leverage discounts, personalize the offering, and bundle it with additional products/ services. Moreover, MSPs and VARs can automate the end-to-end billing & revenue operations and scale their business.

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Your Trusted Partner

OneBill has been a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes across regions


Offer Service Personalization to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase market differentiation through configuring and offering unique product bundles

Meet your customer’s core needs by customizing service offerings, based on their market segment 

Entice new customers with sign-on discounts and coupons


Respond to Shifting Marketing Needs With Agility

Easily launch complex services with varying charge types (e.g. one time, variable, metered etc.)

Increase market responsiveness through the ease of pricing iterations

Respond to market demand through promotions and discounts


Better Automate The Delivery Of Services

Provide a seamless experience to customers through automated quoting and contract tools

Ensure instant delivery of services through provisioning and workflow automation

Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction with a service desk and ticketing functionality


Optimize Cash Flow Management

Keep on top of payments and reduce delinquencies through advanced dunning processes and customer payment reminders

Optimize cash flow cycles with proration and flexible payment terms

Gain instant insights on revenue recognition

What Makes OneBill Unique?

Empower your channel partners to resell your services efficiently and effectively,

OneBill’s multi-level-channel-management module helps you resell services to your partners at a specific price range, define their incentive models, empower them with a business & self-care portal, implement automated solutions for billing, invoicing, and end of cycle commission settlement.

Setup multiple tiers and levels of partners across varying geographies

Effortlessly launch you sophisticated usage-based pricing models globally.

Configure unique product catalogs with local currency pricing

OneBill supports any combination of fixed + usage-based pricing models.

Automatically ingest and convert a high volume of usage rating data files into error free invoices

Track and process usage events from multiple sources with built-in usage rating & mediation.

Provide partners with the ability white-label and bill-on-behalf-of

OneBill processes over 3 million usage billable events every day from multiple sources.

Streamline and accurately manage taxation compliance and reporting

Front is an incredibly beautiful, fully responsive, and mobile-first projects on the web.

Support flexible settlement definition (including fixed cost, revenue share, profit share and more)

Front template can be easily customized with its cutting-edge components and features.

Manage the settlement of commissions in real time

Front is not only for developers but also for designers, and includes a Sketch file.

Reporting & Analytics

Enhance your value proposition through insightful reporting tools 

Leverage intelligent revenue reports to inform your business model on which features and pricing tactics are driving the most revenue and profitability growth.

Monitor customer behavior and use segmentation to determine the customer types or markets that are fuelling revenue performance 

Adoption rate

Monitor and measure the adoption rate for newly introduced features

Prioritize investment

Invest in service development for the features and capabilities that are proving to be most valued by your customers

Drive innovation

Evaluate customer needs and identity opportunities for new product feature development

Cross-sell and upsell

Analyze service usage patterns to uncover opportunities to cross-sell and upsell 

Our customers love us and you will too!

Since we brought on OneBill, our billing has been operating virtually flawlessly. We don’t spend any appreciable time on billing, which allows us to devote time to other aspects of our business. Billing is the least of our worries…and we LOVE it!


Rick Minyard

CEO at Sage Communications

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