One-Time Billing for Ad-Hoc Charges, Licenses, Hardware Purchases, etc.

Effortlessly charge your customers with one-time fees for ad-hoc charges, licenses, hardware purchases, installations, support, value-added services, and send on-demand invoices anytime to any customer without hassle.

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Create a one-time fee for a product or service

With OneBill, you can effortlessly set up a one-time purchase fee for any of those unique products that require to be charged for their purchases, ad-hoc services, installations, or support.
You can even apply a unique currency, tax rate, cost, or a wholesale charge to that one-time fee.
OneBill also allows you to associate an income account to the one-time fee for tracking it in your QuickBooks portal as well.


Activate and bill as suitable

The platform offers you the flexibility to activate your end customers’ one-time purchases as suitable for your business.
You can ensure to activate and bill your customers instantly, and effective immediately for all their one-time purchases even before the activation of their associated recurring subscriptions.


Invoice on demand

Through OneBill, you have the convenience of billing on demand rather than having to wait till the end of a billing cycle for the system to bill and generate an invoice for the customer.
This extends the facility to help you send out invoices to your customers for their one-time purchases, immediately after the purchase is made.
Moreover, you can set up the relevant workflows for invoice notifications and payment reminders to alert customers when their bill is overdue.


Collect payments in time

With the help of OneBill’s payment module, you can easily define and configure variable payment due dates for one-time charges that are due from your customers.
Additionally, you can also set up rule-driven late fee penalties, grace periods, and collections mechanisms to help you recover any one-time payments that may be outstanding for a long time.


Accurately track revenue

Using OneBill’s advanced reporting tools, revenue can be easily tracked in order to identify opportunities for payment follow-up.
In addition, these unique one-time charges can be categorized with unique GL codes in order to help your accounts receivables team to reconcile and capture these differing revenue streams.


Effortlessly charge your customers with one-time fees along with the recurring charges or separately!