Our global and multi-sector reach

Our customer base spans across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

As a result of our diverse customer portfolio, OneBill has implemented solutions for multiple industries.


"We previously had a very manual billing process which resulted in inconsistencies and errors. Furthermore, we needed a platform and partner that could work with us on a global scale. Since implementing OneBill and through API integration with our back-office systems, we have been able to cut out weeks' worth of manual intervention on every billing cycle that we previously had. The platform performs consistently well and has also been able to meet some of our unique needs that no other vendor was able to achieve. OneBill have also proven time and again that they will go above and beyond for their customer. The service is truly exceptional!"

Paul Matte, Director of Global Cloud Services, Nec

"As VP of Operations for my company, when we started up I realized that we would need a comprehensive a billing system to allow us to work efficiently while growing as quickly as we can. It has been our experience that procedures that do not flow efficiently cost too much time and resources to make work, so we had our sites on a system that would make our company flow smoothly. Luckily two of the partners in our company met up with representatives from OneBill. They quickly assessed that OneBill would have the capability of doing all the functions that we were looking for. Most were already in place while others were soon to be released. The onboarding with OneBill went very smoothly and all the attention we needed was given to us during training. Due to our company expanding over the year they still support us with training for features that we did not need at the beginning. We are very happy with OneBill. There are still a couple of features we would like to see added to OneBill but to give them credit they have paid attention and are working on making those features available. OneBill will make it easier for us to expand by adding larger and larger customers to our client list with very little effort.”

Gabriel Delgado, Vice President of Operations, Enqwest

“Our old billing system was very rigid and customization was virtually non-existent. It was quite important that we developed something that allowed us to easily add new products, change elements of existing products, adjust pricing and labelling of various elements on the invoice. In a word, we needed something that was flexible. In working with the OneBill On-boarding team, we have achieved this goal."

Rick Minyard, CEO Sage Communications