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Personally having purchased, utilized, and been responsible for overall operations and cash flow at other companies in my career, some of which are very large, I find OneBill to be a refreshing answer to solving complex business, management, revenue, and reporting issues.

Peter Geddis

Migrating from our old billing platform to onebill was seamless and the onebill staff guided us every step of the way. Integration with numerous third party services consolidates billing operations into one easy to use platform. Onebill cut our billing tasks and time consumption in half. Almost all billing tasks are automated, keeping us and our customers satisfied.

Christopher Turli
Operations Manager, VoiceNEXT

OneBill brings great automation tools to my billing department. I can set up a new customer and plug in their subscriptions in no time. After that, OneBill takes care of everything automatically. It can send the bill to the customer, collect payment, send receipts, remind customers who are overdue.

Andy Jensen
Controller, USIP Communications

Our Global and Multi-Sector Reach

Our customer base spans across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. As a result of our diverse customer portfolio, OneBill has implemented solutions for multiple industries.

Success stories

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How OneBill Helped Jamcracker
Jamcracker Logo

Streamlined billing operations by 80% by implementing On-demand/Anniversary billing. And increased efficiency with automated multi-party settlements.

How OneBill helped Logista
Logista Solutiona

Logista is able to focus on selling telecom services to their customers instead of worrying about how they will bill and calculate telecom taxes for these new services.

How OneBill Helped BlueRim Networks

OneBill eliminated the manual process completely by implementing the usage-rating engine to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner.

Unitas Global Case Study

OneBill’s internal tax engine helped Unitas Global with huge savings and OneBill MLCM allowed them to create multiple locations to support different currencies as well international taxation.

NEC Logo

OneBill streamlined the payment collection process, multi-level partner management, and reseller commissioning of NEC.

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    SIPPIO are constantly in an Innovation flux and one core ingredient to meeting their customer’s changing demands is to ensure that their billing engine can keep up with their pace. Fortunately, OneBill has met this aspiration. Award winning SIPPIO provides SaaS solutions to over 60 countries across the globe. Their Carriers, Distributors, Partners who drive

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  • How OneBill Helped Sage Improve Billing Efficiency by 94%

    How OneBill Helped Sage Improve Billing Efficiency by 94%

    In the world of communications, one of the bottlenecks to driving operational efficiency can be the billing process. Organizational resources become heavily reliant on manual tasks, just to accurately invoice a customer, as opposed to focusing on value added activities that drive greater ROI. Fortunately, for Sage Network & Communications (Sage), the OneBill platform helped cut their billing resource

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