Billing & Revenue Management:
Bill more accurately, ensure compliance, stop revenue leakage, track revenue, and maximize your bottom line

OneBill simplifies and automates your complex and time-consuming billing, payments, collections, revenue recognition, and reporting so you can stop chasing dollars and focus on growth.

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The best part of using OneBill is that it is such a time saver for me. Say goodbye to manual processes in billing. OneBill brings great automation tools to my billing department. I can set up a new customer and plug in their subscriptions in no time. After that, OneBill takes care of everything automatically. It can send the bill to the customer, collect payment, send receipts, remind customers who are overdue.

Andy Jensen

Controller, USIP Communications

Streamline your end-to-end billing and revenue operations

OneBill enables you to efficiently calculate product usage, apply the relevant charges, develop and manage invoicing, send payment reminders, facilitate online payments, and track and categorize revenue for accounting and reporting purposes.


Simplify billing and invoicing

Charge customers with flexible billing models
(1). One-time charges
(2). Recurring charges
(3). Usage-based charges
(4). Hybrid charges
(5). Dynamic/ rule-based charges

Include add-ons and other features in the bill (e.g. discounts, one-time charges, taxes).

Customize the design of your invoice template and choose when you want each customer to be billed. Consolidate charges from different vendors / systems into one bill.

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Automate usage processing, rating, and charging

Track your customers’ consumption of a product or a service, rate, and bill on any aspect of your products such as seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, clicks, API calls, downloads, etc.

Process large amounts of consumption events from multiple vendors using OneBill’s powerful built-in rating engine and mediation

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Automated tax compliance

Improve tax rate accuracy for each customer transaction by capturing the required tax information and calculating it in real-time for every invoice.

Through our integration with taxation platforms, you can ensure you apply the correct taxation codes that apply to the products and services you offer.

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Accounts receivables management

Increase your business cash flow by automating the invoicing and collection processes.

Accurately track revenue through our user friendly reporting tool.

Categorize revenue based on predetermined codes to enable ease of reporting in an accounting cloud-based or software platform.

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Accurately manage, recognize, report on, and forecast revenue

Define and customize revenue recognition Rules for your business.

Automated revenue recognition in accordance with ASC 606.

Generate monthly revenue journal entries following the accounting close for your general ledger.

Access extensive revenue reporting to make informed decisions.

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