Dynamic/Rule-Based Billing Software for Complex and Dynamic Business Models

Automate your complex dynamic/rule-based billing processes by setting up rules for demand-based, time-based, attribute-based, or formula-based pricing.

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Easily configure and accurately charge for rule-based pricing products & services

Demand-Based Pricing

Allow your pricing to be dynamic and to fluctuate based on customer demand.
Implement rules on when pricing should surge.
Through OneBill, the usage can be accurately rated and applied as an additional charge to an invoice.


Time-Based Pricing

Charge a particular rate for a certain day and or/time that a product or service is used.
Here you can take advantage of charging more during peak periods, in order to maximize your business revenue.
With OneBill’s intelligent pricing module, these time of day rules can be easily configured so that you can bill accurately with ease.


Formula-Based Pricing

Determine the price of a product based on a formula that takes multiple data points or attributes into account.
This could include attributes such as location, zip code, required product specifications, quantity etc.


Attribute-Based Pricing

Attribute-driven pricing will allow you to define product/service rates based on specific custom attributes.
You can define attributes around the customer itself such as location, language, etc or you could define other forms of attributes that will help you get creative with your pricing.


Conditional Pricing

Dynamic billing not only enables a business to define pricing based on chosen parameters but it also helps define pricing that are conditional in nature.
Trigger your updated SKU rates and charge your customers accordingly when a certain criteria matches.


Simplify and automate your complex, rule-driven/dynamic billing processes in no time!