We Know Billing & Revenue Management,
It’s Who We Are.

OneBill was founded in 2009 to transform how businesses automate their billing and manage revenue operations. Our leadership team are the key architects of Portal Software (now popularly known as Oracle BRM) and the industry veterans with over 10 decades of combined experience in building billing & revenue management solutions for the large enterprises across regions.

Interview of our Founder & CEO, Mr. JK Chelladurai with World Biz Magazine >

Our Vision & Mission

We are building a world where businesses can grow, scale, and expand with innovative monetization strategies using a single unified billing & monetization platform.

And, We’re on a mission to help businesses quickly launch and monetize their products/ services with any sophisticated monetization strategy, automate end-to-end billing & revenue operations, expand into global markets, retain customers, grow revenue, and scale their businesses with ease.

OneBill's Vision and Mission Statement
I started working for Portal Software (now popularly known as Oracle BRM) back in 1996 which provided an on-premise billing solution,  where customers had to invest millions of dollars to obtain a licence and then spend a few million more dollars to receive the actual solution. Therefore only very large companies had the resources to afford that kind of billing solution. This created a significant barrier to other smaller service providers accessing a solution. So, we saw an opportunity to provide a flexible cloud-based billing solution for businesses of all sizes with varying needs.

At the time we launched OneBill, there were other billing solutions out there offering cloud-based platforms, but they were yet to infiltrate industries such as SaaS. Furthermore, these other solutions were focused on the billing needs of those offering purely subscription-based services. However, we were seeing that this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach had limitations for other industries such as Communications, which have many nuances when it comes to billing and revenue management.

Minimizing revenue leakage and maximizing revenue assurance is one of the key aspects that we wanted to ensure as a billing and quote-to-cash system. And, we want to eliminate any manual steps in this whole quote-to-cash process and make sure that businesses don’t lose or they don’t leave the money on the table.

JK Chelladurai

Founder & CEO of OneBill