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The platform performs consistently well and the service is truly exceptional!


We previously had a very manual billing process which resulted in inconsistencies and errors. Furthermore, we needed a platform and partner that could work with us on a global scale.

Since implementing OneBill and through API integration with our back-office systems, we have been able to cut out weeks’ worth of manual intervention on every billing cycle that we previously had.

The platform performs consistently well and has also been able to meet some of our unique needs that no other vendor was able to achieve. OneBill have also proven time and again that they will go above and beyond for their customer. The service is truly exceptional!

Paul Matte
(Former) Director of Global Cloud Services, NEC

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You need companies like OneBill that think like you and want you to be successful


OneBill efficiently and accurately processes thousands and thousands of micro charges and rolls them up into an invoice. It is like asking them to change an engine on a car while driving down the highway at 100 miles an hour.

The world we live in is moving at lightning speed and you need companies like OneBill that think like you and want you to be successful.

They also provide open APIs, so change the car to a plane, and that is what OneBill is all about.

David Spindler
SVP Operations and Digital, SIPPIO


OneBill is a solid billing software with great customer service


We use it to bill our voice products, which can be very complex (especially the taxes). Overall the software is pretty user-friendly and easy to use, but where OneBill really shines is their exceptional customer service.

In my 15+ years of billing, I have never encountered customer service quite like I have with the OneBill team.

They are incredibly responsive and always quick to address problems and accommodate requests (such as for reporting enhancements). They will gladly schedule team calls to discuss issues or brainstorm how to improve/enhance our overall experience.

Carolyn Kren
Billing Specialist at InterVision Systems

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Excellent customer support


We use the platform for billing and it performs excellent. The staff and team are second to none when it comes to support and working with us.

There is a lot of flexibility to customize products and pricing but can still be managed effectively.

Joe Mullin
Vice President of Network Services at RingSquared

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I find OneBill to be a refreshing answer


Our business is UCaaS, and OneBill provides us with an array of valuable features without being bloated. It streamlines the process of lead>quote>order>invoice>cash, so we can avoid the need for complex and potentially clumsy integration with third party applications.

OneBill supports our needs related to direct customers, sales partners, and agents with simplified sophistication.

Highly secure with simple access to high level and detailed reporting.

Personally having purchased, utilized, and been responsible for overall operations and cash flow at other companies in my career, some of which are very large, I find OneBill to be a refreshing answer to solving complex billing and revenue management, and reporting issues.

Peter Geddis

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Easy-to-navigate platform


OneBill is an easy-to-navigate platform. What I like best is the simplicity of the backend.

I also like that there is an extensive knowledge base, so if I have any questions, I can usually find them myself. I also enjoy the reporting and overview, how I can see all payments and look at the bigger picture.

It’s also nice to have all of our products/services right inside OneBill, so it’s straightforward to add them onto an existing customer’s billing or select them to add to a new customer’s billing.

Bailey Terrell
Channel Sales & Marketing Director at CallHarbor

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Easy to understand Billing Platform


OneBill is very user friendly. I did not have any training on it and was able to pick up most of it on my own.

The canned reports are very helpful and were everything that I needed.

Diane Lammons
Collections Manager at NEC

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Keeping us and our customers satisfied


Migrating from our old billing platform to OneBill was seamless and the OneBill staff guided us every step of the way.

Integration with numerous third party services consolidates billing operations into one easy to use platform. OneBill cut our billing tasks and time consumption in half.

Almost all billing tasks are automated, keeping us and our customers satisfied.

Christopher Turli
Operations Manager, VoiceNEXT

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Flexible billing solution


Our old billing system was very rigid and customization was virtually non-existent. In a word, we needed something that was flexible.

OneBill’s flexibility allowed us to easily add new products, change elements of existing products, adjust pricing and labelling of various elements on the invoice.

Rick Minyard
CEO, Sage Communications

Sage Network & Communications

Channel-friendly billing solution


The OneBill team put tremendous thought into bringing a channel-friendly billing solution to the market. This allows our partners to utilize a fully functional tenant of OneBill.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a telecom billing solution.

Joel Urano
CEO, Modas Systems

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Takes care of everything


The best part of using OneBill is that it is such a time saver for me. Say goodbye to manual processes in billing.

OneBill brings great automation tools to my billing department. I can set up a new customer and plug in their subscriptions in no time. After that, OneBill takes care of everything automatically. It can send the bill to the customer, collect payment, send receipts, remind customers who are overdue.

Andy Jensen
Controller, USIP Communications


Saving hours of work for several people each month


OneBill allowed us to automate our monthly billing saving hours of work for several people each month.

The software is very reliable and the customer service and support are exceptional.

OneBill does everything we need it to do and more and over the years of our usage there have been many enhancements to the platform.

Reports and export of data could use improving. Certain items that should be user customizable require technical support assistance.

OneBill was solid in all areas where other platforms we looked at were higher priced with little notable benefit, or lower priced with a lack of required features and functions.

Michael Marchioni
VP Marketing, ICON Cloud Solutions

ICON Cloud Solutions

The onboarding with OneBill went very smoothly


As VP of Operations for my company, when we started up I realized that we would need a comprehensive a billing system to allow us to work efficiently while growing as quickly as we can.

It has been our experience that procedures that do not flow efficiently cost too much time and resources to make work, so we had our sites on a system that would make our company flow smoothly.

Luckily two of the partners in our company met up with representatives from OneBill. They quickly assessed that OneBill would have the capability of doing all the functions that we were looking for.

The onboarding with OneBill went very smoothly and all the attention we needed was given to us during training.

Due to our company expanding over the year they still support us with training for features that we did not need at the beginning. We are very happy with OneBill.

OneBill made it easier for us to expand by adding larger and larger customers to our client list with very little effort.

Gabriel Delgado
Vice President of Operations, Enqwest

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OneBill has been a great addition to our business and customers


I like the adaptability of the platform. It has a multitude of different use cases. OneBill can be used for any type of business-to-consumer platform.

I appreciate all the integration that it has to offer from QuickBooks, to DocuSign, and even Fedex! I also appreciate the team at OneBill, as they were always so quick and helpful to any questions we had.

Malec Scanlon-Laemmrich
Bridge Internet

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