Customer success story

BlueRim Networks

BlueRim Networks
Network & Broadband
Logan, UT
Needed a billing platform with an integrated tax solution
A rating engine was setup to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner.

Products used

OneBill BRM

A rating engine with OneBill Billing & Revenue Management Module

Company Profile:

BlueRim Networks was formally organized in 2014 but has been providing managed internet services to the multi-family communities since 2007. BlueRim Networks goal is to simplify and provide managed high speed internet connectivity to communities such as apartments, town homes and condos. In pursuit of this simplification process we developed the BlueRim Edge, a networking device that created easy Internet Management for properties and residents.  It allows us to make sure that residents get the quality high speed internet that they pay for with pure simplicity.

Challenges & Goals:

Bluerim had a manual billing process. They used spreadsheets to do their billing before moving over to OneBill.

Their business model was to offer the services to the residential customers. Their agreement is with the property / apartment owners revenue share based on the usage. Calculating the revenue share per each property owner was getting very cumbersome as they kept growing their business.

More importantly, they wanted to calculate accurate taxes for these services. Hence, needed a billing platform with an integrated tax solution


OneBill Flex Version was offered to Bluerim as a solution -A rating engine was setup to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner. Bluerim had to upload one usage file that they retrieved from their system based on the payment received for their services. – -This eliminated the manual process completely. – –

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