Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ):
Close more deals faster by accelerating your sales operations with a unified quote-to-cash solution

OneBill CPQ helps you improve sales operations by removing manual processes and complexities from the sales process and deliver fast, error-free quotes and eliminate order errors.

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OneBill provides us with an array of valuable features without being bloated. It streamlines the process of lead>quote>order>invoice>cash, so we can avoid the need for complex and potentially clumsy integration with third party applications.

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Configure, price, and sell your products/ services customized to your buyers’ needs​

With OneBill CPQ, you can streamline your Configure-Price-Quote Process by creating product and pricing plans with unique configurations, promotions and bundles for specific customers, and automate your quote approval process.


Configure complex products/ services with flexible pricing plans

Configure multiple complex products with varying charge types:
One-time charges
Recurring charges
Usage-based charges
Hybrid charges
Rule-based charges

You can also personalize products for specific customers through free trials, bundles and packages, offers, coupons, and entitlements.


Personalize product offerings

Using our CPQ software’s price personalization, you can attract a potential customer prospect by personalizing their product offer and setting up a limited period discount or unique promotional bundle.


Manage contracts

OneBill CPQ software helps you easily create, manage and amend customer contracts.


Custom quotes & online approvals

Develop a customized quote template with your company logo and preferred format.
Prepare individualized quotes from your product catalog and email them directly to your customer prospects within minutes.
Eliminate all offline flows for receiving approvals for your quotes.
Automate the quote approval process with a DocuSign integration.
Configure custom business process workflows to deal with quotes and order approvals automatically.


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