Hybrid Billing Software for the Modern Complex Business Models

Automate your billing with any combination of one-time charges, subscription-based plans, usage-based charges, tiered plans, overages and more.

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Effortlessly configure and deploy combination of various charges as a hybrid pricing plan

Pricing Strategy: Subscription + One-Time Charges

Implement a combination of a subscription plan with one-time charges for other add-ons such as ad-hoc services, installations, or support. Apply a unique currency, tax rate, cost, or a wholesale charge to the subscription versus one-time fee.


Pricing Strategy: Subscription + Pay-As-You-Use

Combine a subscription plan with additional charges based on usage of a particular service. Through OneBill, that usage can be accurately rated and applied as an additional charge to an invoice.


Pricing Strategy: Subscription + Overage

Offer a subscription plan that includes a set amount of usage. If that usage is exceeded, then charge for the additional amount. With OneBill’s advanced usage rating engine, usage caps can be set and trigger charges for any overages.


Pricing Strategy: Tiered Plan

Configure a tiered pricing plan for one product or service based on certain parameters. Accurately manage which tiered plan is associated with a customer accounts and trigger a promotional upgrade to a new tier when a customer exceeds their parameters.


Pricing Strategy: Rule-Driven

Set up a pricing model where your customers will be charged based on attributes defined by you. You can price your customers based on their location, currency, quantity, and more with this pricing strategy.


Don’t lose to your competitors just because you can’t launch more flexible hybrid pricing plans!