Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


OneBill is an end-to-end recurring billing and revenue management software that automates the entire quote-to-cash process for the SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. The platform covers all aspects of a business from CPQ, automated order provisioning & activation, billing & invoicing, all the way to revenue reporting, customer subscription management, and channel partner commission management.
OneBill supports all types of billing models, such as one-time billing, subscription billing, usage-based billing, recurring billing, hybrid billing, and dynamic billing models.
OneBill is an integrated cloud billing platform, tightly coupled with 5 different products, such as CPQ, BRM, SDP, CRM, and MLCM into a single cloud platform to automate the entire quote-to-cash process. And, OneBill is the only cloud billing platform that supports the multi-level channel partner management and the real-time settlement for channel partners.

Feature 1: A powerful CPQ module that delivers the fast, error-free quotes, and eliminate order errors.

Feature 2: A BRM module that can simplify your billing, invoicing, revenue tracking, and payments.

Feature 3: Powerful and an integrated CRM platform to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Feature 4: An advanced service delivery platform that offers a seamless subscription activation experience for your customer.

Feature 5: A multi-channel partner management system that streamlines your channel partner management and commission management.

Feature 6: Powerful usage-rating engine.

Feature 7: Seamless integration with other enterprise systems such as carriers & service providers, payment gateways, accounting & admin, taxation, and CRM & ERP platforms.

The Platform

The OneBill Platform is available on the cloud and as an on-premise solution as well.
The platform is built using the latest technology stack including Java, React, Bootstrap, and more. The platform is deployed in Amazon’s AWS.
OneBill Software has a multi-tenant architecture.
Yes, all new features that are introduced in the platform along with system enhancements are made available to all existing platform users. However, the availability of newly added features is subject to the OneBill price plan chosen by the customer.

Data Privacy & Security

We have several compliances (such as GDPR, PCI), authentication processes (usernames, passwords, encryptions), and keys (SSH keys) in place to ensure the utmost platform security.
Depending on the type of data, it is stored securely in Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, or in an SFTP location.

Data Migration

Yes, the OneBill team does help in the data migration process as part of the initial onboarding stage.
The data migration process entirely depends on the amount, type, and the complexity of the data that is being dealt with.
The impact is unique for every customer situation and therefore, we would need to assess this during the project scoping phase.

Onboarding & Sandbox

Yes, a fully equipped sandbox test environment is provided as part of the OneBill Onboarding process. The sandbox environment is offered for a limited number of users and period of time, as per the OneBill pricing plan that is selected and agreement terms in your contract.
24 hours
The cost of the a OneBill Sandbox environment is decided mutually over a contract.
Customers are granted 10 users to access the OneBill platform, by default.
Yes, the OneBill sandbox environment is an actual replica of the production account and is fully equipped with all the features and functionalities that are present in the production environment.
The standard onboarding and setup stage includes a kick-off call, 1 hour of demo on the platform, and a walkthrough on the default quote-to-cash process. Any further support will be chargeable.


The OneBill platform allows customers to integrate with numerous third-party systems such as Payment Gateways, Tax Vendors, Accounting Software, E-Signature tools, SMTP Providers, etc. Some of the popular third-party systems that are integrated with are Authorize.Net, Stripe, SureTax, Avalara, QuickBooks, FedEx, and DocuSign. View our full list of integrations here
The OneBill system offers support for SOAP as well as REST APIs.
The OneBill platform comes with a powerful, in-built provisioning and activation module which allows customers to integrate with other downstream systems.
Yes, it is possible to build integrations with OneBill with the help of APIs and is subject to the effort and feasibility of the integration.


OneBill releases new sets of features and system improvements periodically on scheduled release dates. The release is communicated to the customers in prior to this release date.
All releasing features and enhancements are made available to every customer using OneBill in the cloud.
OneBill monitors all servers using monitoring tools such as Grafana. Various data points are captured using in-house utilities.

We have included below some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our OneBill platform. If your question is not covered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.