OneBill SDP: OneBill’s Service Delivery Platform

Construct rule-driven order orchestration workflows; make real-time service activation a reality

Be able to provision orders in down stream systems using the SDP module. Get end-to-end service fulfillment automatically from the OneBill platform.

Flexible Pricing Plans. * Starts from $349.

Why OneBill SDP?

Key Benefits of OneBill’s Service Delivery Platform

  • 1.

    Quicker TTM & Fulfillment:
    Significant reduction in order-processing and work-handling time & New integrations deployed in few days using configuration.

  • 2.

    Handle complex orders:
    Effective validation steps eliminates errors before they occur & Co-ordinated execution using advanced dependency rules.

  • 3.

    Cost Reduction:
    Attractive commercial models with very low TCO & Automated & configuration-driven platform reduces workforce requirements.

  • 4.

    E2E visibility of operational performance & Facilitates decision-making using insightful reports.

  • 5.

    Improved Customer Experience:
    Significant reduction in SLA misses & Improved order flow-through with advanced order-fallout handling.

  • 6.

    Prioritizes and balances workloads: Ensures right people get their work at the right time & Co-ordinate work across systems and groups.

What we do?

OneBill SDP – End-to-End Automation of the Order Fulfilment Process

OneBill Service Delivery Platform (SDP) allows you to achieve end-to-end automation of the order fulfilment process with the help of order orchestration, provisioning, and activation capabilities that are integrated with downstream systems. This helps to offer a much more seamless subscription activation experience for your customer.


Workflow Management

Achieve virtually any design and layout from within the one template.


Order Management System

We strive to figure out ways to help your business grow through all platforms.


Automate Fulfillment Processes & Activation

Find what you need in one template and combine features at will.


Manage Inventory & Assign to Specific Plans

Achieve virtually any design and layout from within the one template.

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OneBill service delivery platform’s workflow engine features:

Define workflows and remove any form of manual intervention from the order fulfillment process.

The order fulfillment process in the OneBill SDP will take the order through several stages as defined in the workflow (e.g. the service feasibility checking stage, reservation stage), in order to entirely provision and activate the service.

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OneBill service delivery platform’s order orchestration features:

Through a user friendly interface, define what tasks need to be completed before the system provisions and activates the service.

You can configure workflows which essentially define the flow of operations for order fulfillment.

Various types of tasks or subtasks can also be configured as part of a workflow definition.

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OneBill service delivery platform’s automated service fulfillment features:

By associating rules with individual tasks, services can be instantaneously activated, modified, deactivated, suspended or resumed across any network device or application.

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Using our service delivery platform, you can manage inventory and their associated details (e.g. SKU number) and assign them to specific customer subscription plans.

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Success stories

See how OneBill is helping companies to transform their lead-to-revenue generation experience

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OneBill streamlined the payment collection process, multi-level partner management, and reseller commissioning of NEC.

OneBill’s internal tax engine helped Unitas Global with huge savings and OneBill MLCM allowed them to create multiple locations to support different currencies as well international taxation.

OneBill eliminated the manual process completely by implementing the usage-rating engine to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner.

Maximize your revenue, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary revenue leakage!