Provisioning & Fulfillment Orchestration Platform:
Take your automation to the next level with no-code fulfillment orchestration and provisioning workflows

OneBill’s fulfillment orchestration platform enables businesses to eliminate swivel chair operations using simple no-code workflows. You can construct rule-driven workflows to connect with various systems and automate processes.

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Reduce errors and enhance accuracy, increase speed and efficiency, and cut down costs and save time

Define workflows and remove any form of manual intervention and errors from your processes.

Various types of tasks or subtasks can also be configured as part of a workflow definition.

This will help you increase speed and efficiency, cut down costs and save resources time.


Achieve faster order fulfillment using modern order orchestration workflows

You can configure workflows which essentially define the flow of operations for order fulfillment.

The order fulfillment process will take the order through several stages as defined in the workflow (e.g. the service feasibility checking stage, reservation stage), in order to entirely provision and activate the service.


Make real-time service activation a reality using provisioning workflows

Through a user friendly interface, define what tasks need to be completed before the system provisions and activates the service.

By associating rules with individual tasks, services can be instantaneously activated, modified, deactivated, suspended or resumed across any network device or application.


Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical and virtual devices

Manage inventory and their associated details (e.g. SKU number) and assign them to specific customer subscription plans.
A few examples of inventories you can manage:
Physical inventory
(ii) CPE
(iii) Router/Switch/Interfaces
(iv) IP Phones
Virtual Inventory
(i) DID Management
(ii) IP Address Management
(iii) VLAN


Key benefits of OneBill’s process orchestration

  • 1.

    Quicker TTM & Fulfillment:
    Significant reduction in order-processing and work-handling time & new integrations deployed in few days using configuration.

  • 2.

    Handle complex orders:
    Effective validation steps eliminates errors before they occur & Co-ordinated execution using advanced dependency rules.

  • 3.

    Cost Reduction:
    Attractive commercial models with very low TCO & Automated & configuration-driven platform reduces workforce requirements.

  • 4.

    End-to-end visibility of operational performance & Facilitates decision-making using insightful reports.

  • 5.

    Improved Customer Experience:
    Significant reduction in SLA misses & Improved order flow-through with advanced order-fallout handling.

  • 6.

    Prioritizes and balances workloads: Ensures right people get their work at the right time & Co-ordinate work across systems and groups.


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