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Santa Clara, California
Reduce revenue leakage and manual processes associated with billing.
Through implementing the Flex version of the platform, OneBill was able to help 101VOICE drive better billing efficiency and improve revenue tracking accuracy.

Products used

OneBill CPQ

OneBill CPQ

Configure Price Quote

Billing & Invoicing

OneBill BRM

Billing & Revenue Management

Company Profile:

101VOICE’s has become a leader in today’s growing cloud telephony market. They provide  cloud-based business communication solutions using SIP trunking that are simple, reliable, feature-rich, and affordable.

Challenges & Goals:

One key challenge for 101Voice was that they were experiencing significant revenue leakage. This resulted in their accounting team having to resort to manually checking each account for billing errors.

“Our accountant told me we were missing revenue. Our average revenue was about $600,000 but we were only tracking $480,000. Something was missing.” 

Arman Eghbali, CEO of 101VOICE

Furthermore, 101Voice were often billing a combination of monthly recurring charges (MRC), one time charges and metered charges. However, their invoicing system at the time did not facilitate the ability to ‘bundle’ such charges and append them to a single account. This resulted in multiple invoices having to be generated for each account.


Through OneBill’s intelligent product module, 101VOICE were able to configure their required bundled charges with ease. Moreover, through OneBill’s advanced workflow automation, they were able to accurately rate usage, apply these charges to invoices, assign the relevant tax rates, invoice and accurately track payments through their end-to-end cycle, with minimal human intervention. Furthermore, through OneBill’s revenue reporting tools and task alerts, 101VOICE team members were able to be on the front foot when payments were overdue, credit cards were about to expire or there were issues in processing invoices. 

This significantly improved the efficiency of their billing operations, cutting down dedicated resource time by more than 50%. Most importantly, 101VOICE were able to achieve their core goal of reducing revenue leakage and maximized ROI.

OneBill streamlined our process of lead>quote>order>invoice>cash and it supports our needs related to direct customers, sales partners, and agents with simplified sophistication.

Personally having purchased, utilized, and been responsible for overall operations and cash flow at other companies in my career, some of which are very large, I find OneBill to be a refreshing answer to solving complex billing and revenue management, and reporting issues.

Highly secure with simple access to high level and detailed reporting.

Peter Geddis


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