Analyst Report: IDC EOP Vendor Reference Guide for Vendor Marketplaces Edition

OneBill included in the IDC EOP (Ecosystem Orchestration Platform) Vendor Reference Guide

Vendor Marketplaces Edition

EOPs enable vendors to sell, manage, and provision offerings first and/or third-party offerings (software, hardware, services) in a marketplace.

Differentiating capabilities

  • Flexible pricing model support
  • Supply chain integration for physical items
  • Potential to be primary monetization system for company

To be recognized as an Ecosystem Orchestration Platform (EOP) and be included in IDC’s report, OneBill had to fulfill essential criteria, covering:

  • Commercial platform
  • Partner experience
  • Customer experience
  • Entitlement and provisioning
  • Offer and order management
  • Integration
  • Business analytics and insights
  • Billing, partner settlement, and revenue recognition