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With OneBill, you can automate your end-to-end billing & revenue operations, improve tax rate accuracy for each customer transaction, automate workflows and order fulfillment, manage any number number of partners and resellers in multiple levels, and you can easily track and settle partner commissions in real-time.

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Why OneBill

One-Stop Solution for Your Cybersecurity Billing Automation and Taxation

OneBill provides the solutions for every billing challenge

Tax Compliance

Calculating the appropriate tax for the relevant product or service, applying the tax code to an invoice and coming up with an accurate liability report can also be significantly time consuming if you don’t have an automated solution in place.

Commission Management

It is also imperative to ensure that resource time is minimized in managing these partners and that commissions can be easily tracked and settled.

Automated Workflows & Order Fulfillment

Automating workflows and order fulfillment is crucial in this industry as certificates need to be instantly activated and emailed directly to the customer.

Partner & Reseller Management

In order to expand the market for your products and services, it is important to ensure that your partners and resellers have all of the tools they need to feel empowered to on-sell these offers.

How OneBill can Help?

OneBill’s Cybersecurity Billing Software is a Unique Combination of the Below Features

  • 1.

    Improve tax rate accuracy for each customer transaction by capturing the required tax information and calculating it in real-time for every invoice.

  • 2.

    Through our integration with Taxation platforms, you can ensure you apply the correct taxation codes that apply to the products and services you offer. This ultimately helps to minimize any potential tax audit risk

  • 1.

    Define workflows and remove any form of manual intervention from the order fulfillment process.

  • 2.

    The order fulfillment process in the OneBill SDP will take the order through several stages as defined in the workflow (e.g. the service feasibility checking stage, reservation stage), in order to entirely provision and activate the service.

  • 1.

    Through a user friendly interface, define what tasks need to be completed before the system provisions and activates the service.

  • 2.

    You can configure workflows which essentially define the flow of operations for order fulfillment.

  • 3.

    Various types of tasks or subtasks can also be configured as part of a workflow definition.

  • 1.

    Offer a version of your catalogue for a specific resale or agency partner with a defined product mix, price range and incentive models.

  • 2.

    Enable partners to white-label their customer invoices with their own branding, while offering a connected revenue management experience in the background.

  • 3.

    Through the self-care portal, they can also view and manage their subscribers, rebrand the platform and add their own products to the channel.

  • 1.

    Configure the settlement utility and define the process for each partner with multiple settlement modes depending on who is managing the subscriber.

  • 2.

    Access and export transactional data through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • 3.

    Receive automated commissions based on an agreed set of rules.

  • 4.

    Create deals that are specific to each partner whether it’s a fixed or shared revenue model.

  • 5.

    Define the process for each sale cycle from lead generation to fulfillment.


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