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Easily configure, price, and bundle these disparate services onto one invoice.
OneBill's convergent billing & revenue management solution

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Usage Based Billing Software

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Built-in usage rating and mediation



Automated telecom tax compliance

Company Profile:

RingSquared is a leading Telecommunications provider of voice, analytics and data solutions. RingSquared’s key product offerings include business voice and data solutions, SaaS, CCaas and UCaaS, SD-WAN, and more.  RingSquared is part of International Telcom LLC’s family of brands including Dial800 and Kall8. In late 2021, ITL acquired Magna5 Telecom to form the RingSquared brand, expanding the services and communications technology available to all clients.

Challenges & Goals:

With an extensive suite of products and services with varying pricing plans, one of RingSquared’s core opportunities was to find a billing solution that could enable them to easily configure, price, and bundle these disparate services onto one invoice.

Furthermore, with reams of usage data being processed daily, it was imperative that they could find a billing platform that could accurately compute usage and apply invoice charges without skipping a beat.


By implementing OneBill’s advanced cloud-based revenue management platform, RingSquared has the flexibility to customize products and pricing plans for their customers and to deploy them with efficiency. Furthermore, the business is able to leverage OneBill’s usage rating engine to help automate the invoicing process.

We primarily use OneBill’s billing engine and it performs excellently. Their team members are second to none when it comes to providing support and being responsive to our needs.

Joe Mullin

VP Network & Product Development, RingSquared

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