Usage & Rating Automation

Automate Your CDR Processing, Usage Rating, Charging, and Billing

OneBill’s Usage Rating Engine enables you to track your customers’ consumption of a product or a service and give them flexibility to rate and bill on any aspect of your products such as seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, clicks, API calls, downloads, etc. Using OneBill’s Rating Engine, you can ensure that CDR files are processed from multiple carriers and accurately computed and applied to the final invoice amount for a particular customer record. If this process isn’t automated, it can easily open up opportunities for calculation errors.

Flexible Pricing Plans. * Starts from $350.

Automated Tax Compliance

Why OneBill’s Usage Rating Engine?

You Can Automate Rating and Apply Charges on Invoices Based on Usage

  • 1.

    Compute charges based on various usage parameters (e.g. storage kilobytes, MB, GB, calls, minutes, licenses, features, software usage, data, messages sent, bandwidth etc.)

  • 2.

    Calculate invoice charges automatically based on usage

  • 3.

    Automate the mapping of bulk usage transaction record CDR files to usage charges (using the OneBill SFTP process & APIs)


Maximize Your revenue, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary revenue leakage!