KAZOO by 2600Hz

KAZOO is 2600Hz’s turnkey UC platform, offering the flexibility you need to provide a superior communication experience

The Integration Overview

OneBill’s integration with the Kazoo platform enables businesses to achieve real-time automated provisioning of unified communications services and automate end-to-end billing & revenue operations on a single unified platform.


  • Supports automated provisioning of domains, users, devices, phone numbers, conferences, auto attendants, call queues, e.t.c through configurable service delivery workflows.
  • Service providers can introduce new provisioning workflows, task/API, endpoints and email notification templates on the fly.
  • Tasks/APIs, trouble ticket creation and email notifications can be linked with the workflows at any step during the provisioning process.
  • If a problem occurs during the provisioning, notifications are sent immediately or trouble tickets can also be created and assigned automatically.
  • OneBill also supports immediate and automatic reverse synchronization of Kazoo users, DIDs e.t.c into OneBill. As part of this support appropriate feature subscriptions would be automatically managed in OneBill, based on create and delete actions performed in the Kazoo platform.

Business case scenarios

What are businesses doing today? What are the pain points?

  • Manual intervention at various points during provisioning and billing
  • Tedious, time consuming and prone to human errors
  • Multiple systems are working in complete isolation
  • Revenue leakage and delay in E2E service Provisioning

How does OneBill-Kazoo integration solve the problem?

  • Ability to quickly design and deploy any service to any customer over any network with the help of UI driven business workflows, tasks/APIs and endpoint configurations
  • Zero touch automated provisioning to avoid any manual Service delivery operations. Out of the box end-to-end automated workflows are available with Kazoo, Carrier (Bandwidth, Telnyx e.t.c) and device distributor platforms (Netxusa, 888VoIP, TeleDynamics e.t.c)
  • Complete audit trail of downstream/upstream communication is accessible through the UI
  • Self provisioning by the reseller
  • Self provisioning by your end customer through OneBill self service portal
  • Support for automatic disconnect or suspension on non-payment of services as per the configured grace period along with the support of automatic reconnection on receipt of payment