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Convergent billing & invoicing, manage channel partners and settle commissions.
A sophisticated billing solution to sell their voice services and products via all channels.

Products used

Accounts Receivable Reporting​

OneBill BRM

Billing and Revenue Management Module to automated end-to-end billing and revenue operations.

White Label On Behalf Of

OneBill MLCM

Multi-Level Channel Partner/ Reseller Enablement

Usage Based Billing Software

Usage Rating

Built-in usage rating and mediation



Sophisticated telecom taxation

Company Profile:

SIPPIO is one of the leading voice enablement platforms and serving over 60 countries across the globe. Their platform provides the easiest and fastest way for resellers and carriers to bring PSTN calling into Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone. Available in over 74 countries, organizations across the globe rely on SIPPIO to keep their people connected.

Challenges & Goals:

When it comes to billing, SIPPIO has the challenge of charging for a service to the second decimal point and accurately capturing thousands of permutations. For example, this could involve a charge for a call from a Canadian office, to a person in Germany on a cell phone for 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

Also, they wanted to empower their channel partners (Carriers, Distributors, and Partners) to sell more of their services by enabling full-tenant of OneBill with hybrid catalogs, end customer creation and customer self-care portals for every partner, and multi-party settlements and real-time commissioning for all distributors and resellers.


SIPPIO is able to meet their customers’ changing demands with sophisticated billing models and ensuring the accuracy. Convergent invoicing is easier now with OneBill. And their channel partners have the access to the sophisticated billing system to sell more of SIPPIO’s services across regions.

This need is no small feat. OneBill efficiently and accurately processes thousands and thousands of micro charges and rolls them up into an invoice. It is like asking them to change an engine on a car while driving down the highway at 100 miles an hour.

The world we live in is moving at lightning speed and you need companies like OneBill that think like you and want you to be successful. They also provide open APIs, so change the car to a plane, and that is what OneBill is all about.

David Spindler

SVP of Operations & Digital, SIPPIO.

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