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New Zealand Technology Group

New Zealand Technology Group
Information Technology
New Zealand
Streamline and automate orchestration and billing in order to achieve faster time to market in product delivery.
Through implementing OneBill, New Zealand Technology Group was able to achieve a tight integration with external vendor systems in order to achieve seamless process orchestration and billing automation.

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Company Profile:

New Zealand Technology Group identifies ICT enterprises that are packed with potential and partner with them to nurture their ability to innovate, grow and become market leaders. They specialize in multiple areas across the technology landscape, from telecommunications and IT services to health, real estate and retail – and everything in between. Best-practice shared in-house resources are at the heart of New Zealand Technology Group’s business model, providing finance, customer support, marketing, human resources, infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions, and regional support to their partners.

Challenges & Goals:

Prior to implementing OneBill, New Zealand Technology Group were relying on highly manual billing processes and orchestration was managed by a disparate systems. Furthermore, they also had the challenge of having to orchestrate product orders with multiple vendors, which was significantly slowing down product delivery time to market.


Through implementing OneBill’s robust Process Orchestration and Provisioning, Billing & Revenue Management, and Configure-Price-Quote modules, New Zealand Technology Group were able to integrate the platform their vendor’s systems, configure new products with speed, automate their end-to-end billing workflows, and accelerate the speed in which they could orchestrate and deliver their solutions to market.

The OneBill’ Provisioning & Fulfillment Orchestration Platform is highly flexible and has enabled our business to introduce automation of billing services more easily. The breadth of support for external vendors systems has worked in our favor and the tight integration with the billing system makes setup simpler for our team. The product offers a wide range of customization possibilities, and we are quicker to launch automated products than we were before this software.

Bill Brown

New Zealand Technology Group

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