Customer success story

Aatrox Communications

Aatrox Communications
Australia and New Zealand
Streamline and automate the order orchestration and provisioning of their communication services.
Through implementing the OneBill’s Orchestration and Provisioning module, Aatrox Communications were able to automatically provision their phone numbers and SIP trunks.

Company Profile:

Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP Trunk provider. The business specializes in connecting the traditional telephony network to the internet for small and large businesses.

Challenges & Goals:

With a vast array of communications services, one of Aatrox’s core opportunities was to find a solution that could help them to grow faster and scale their business by reducing errors and achieving faster time to market with the automated provisioning and activation of their communications services.


Through implementing OneBill’s robust Fulfillment Orchestration and Provisioning module, Aatrox Communications were able to provision DIDs/ phone numbers, real-time emergency services (E911), SIP trunks, and port DIDs/ Phone numbers.

As a result of implementing OneBill, Aatrox Communications were able to significantly accelerate their time to market, and reduce errors in the service delivery process.

We use OneBill’s fulfillment orchestration & provisioning engine to provision our phone numbers and SIP trunks. The platform is very flexible and was able to accommodate our unique requirements with ease. This enabled us to take our products to the market very quickly. We’re very happy with our OneBill experience.

Sean Harris

Director at Aatrox Communications

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