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Enhance Customer Experience with Streamlined Accounts Receivable Process

Many companies underestimate the impact of what a poor Accounts Receivable process can ultimately make on customer experience.

In fact, according to Emplifi, it just takes two poor customer experiences for 86% of customers to leave a brand they trusted. So though you may have them hooked on your brand, it takes just a few frustrations for them to unhook for life.

“I thought I already paid this invoice. Can you check again?”
“Hmm I think I must have missed the invoice. Can you send it again?”
“Well how do you expect me to pay if I never received the invoice?”

Do these questions sound familiar?

If so, it’s a signal that it might be time to give your Accounts Receivables process a serious revamp so that you can create the best customer experience possible and maximize retention.

Let’s uncover 4 ways you can give your AR process a tune-up.