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Why Billing Software is a Great Choice For Business Automation

It’s no secret that lack of business process automation hurts the bottom line for many companies.

In fact, it has been found that businesses can save up to 70% of costs with automation. Moreover, through choosing the right billing software to automate your invoicing cycle, businesses can save up to $10 per invoice.

However, choosing the right billing software with advanced automation doesn’t just bring cost benefits to your billing function in isolation, it has wider business process benefits.

Enhance Customer Experience with Streamlined Accounts Receivable Process

Many companies underestimate the impact of what a poor Accounts Receivable process can ultimately make on customer experience.

In fact, according to Emplifi, it just takes two poor customer experiences for 86% of customers to leave a brand they trusted. So though you may have them hooked on your brand, it takes just a few frustrations for them to unhook for life.

“I thought I already paid this invoice. Can you check again?”
“Hmm I think I must have missed the invoice. Can you send it again?”
“Well how do you expect me to pay if I never received the invoice?”

Do these questions sound familiar?

If so, it’s a signal that it might be time to give your Accounts Receivables process a serious revamp so that you can create the best customer experience possible and maximize retention.

Let’s uncover 4 ways you can give your AR process a tune-up.