Meet OneBill: Your All-in-One Metered Billing Software for Energy and Utilities Companies

Automate your entire meter-to-cash processes, from measuring consumption and generating bills to collecting payments, and everything in between.

Everything you need to automate meter-to-cash processes for your energy and utilities

Usage Metering:
Measure the consumption of your energy and utilities

OneBill offers powerful built-in usage-metering engine to accurately measure consumption for electricity, water, gas, and other utilities. Say goodbye to estimation errors and hello to precise metered billing.


Billing & Invoicing:
Offer flexible billing options and payment methods

OneBill adapts to your business needs with customizable billing options. Whether you prefer tiered pricing, time-of-use rates, or any other billing structure, OneBill has you covered.

You can also customize the design of your invoice template and choose when you want each customer to be billed.

Include add-ons and other features in the bill (e.g. discounts, run-time charges, taxes).


Collections & Dunning:
Automate your collections and dunning processes

OneBill automates the collections process, ensuring timely payments from customers and sends automated reminders and escalations for outstanding payments, reducing delinquencies and improving cash flow.


Reporting & Analytics:
Comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making

Gain valuable insights into consumption patterns and trends with our advanced analytics tools. Make informed decisions to optimize your operations and maximize profitability.


End Customer Portals:
Improve customer experience and retention

OneBill offers fully white label self-service portals for end-users, allowing them to access their consumption data, manage accounts, and resolve inquiries with ease.

Through a single interface, customers can update their account information themselves: change account profile information, contact info and add new payment.

They can also view their invoices, pay and instantly download payment receipts.


Streamline your energy and utilities billing processes, increase accuracy, automate collections, and elevate your customer experience.