Usage-Based Utility Billing Software
Powerful usage-based billing platform for water utility, electric utility, gas utility, and energy companies

OneBill utility billing software helps utility companies monitor customer usage patterns, and create relevant billing plans and payment cycles. And, OneBill’s unique self-care portal gives the ability to customers monitor their usage and understand how it is linked to their billing plan.


The Challenges in Utilities Industry

OneBill’s Utility Billing Software is a one-stop solution for all billing and revenue management challenges of Utility companies.

Usage-Based Billing

Efficiently managing customer billing based on usage is critical for the Utility industry.

Let Customer Monitor their Usage & Billing Plans

It is important that customers feel empowered to monitor their usage and understand how it is linked to their billing plan.

Different Billing Plans & Payment Cycles

It is also important that Utility companies have the option to scale various billing plans and payment cycles for customers.

How we can help?

An Intelligent End-to-End Usage-Based Utility Billing/ Metered Billing Platform

  • 1.

    Usage metering is the way of computing charges based on actual usage of any service.

  • 2.

    The service usage unit can be in any form such as watts, kilowatts, etc.

  • 3.

    Ultimately, this usage is tracked to then calculate charges for customer invoices.

  • 1.

    Empower your customers to control their subscription plans and product or service usage.

  • 2.

    Through a single interface, customers can update their account information themselves: change account profile information, contact info and add new payment.

  • 3.

    They can also view their invoices, pay and instantly download payment receipts.

  • 1.

    Choose from a wide array of billing methods and provide your customers with a billing method that is tailored to their needs (e.g. standard, flex, on-demand, order-base etc.).

  • 2.

    Include add-ons and other features in the bill (e.g. discounts, run-time charges, taxes).

  • 3.

    Customize the design of your invoice template and choose when you want each customer to be billed.



Fully integrated with some of the world’s leading solutions

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Success stories

See how OneBill is helping companies to transform their lead-to-revenue generation experience

Learn how NEC cut out weeks worth of manual intervention on every billing cycle
NEC Logo

OneBill streamlined the payment collection process, multi-level partner management, and reseller commissioning of NEC.

Unitas Global

OneBill’s internal tax engine helped Unitas Global with huge savings and OneBill MLCM allowed them to create multiple locations to support different currencies as well international taxation.

OneBill eliminated the manual process completely by implementing the usage-rating engine to calculate the revenue share for each of the property owner.

Maximize Your revenue, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary revenue leakage!