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Analyst Report: IDC EOP Vendor Reference Guide for Telecom/CSP Edition

IDC EOP Vendor Reference Guide for Telecom/CSP Edition

OneBill included in the IDC EOP (Ecosystem Orchestration Platform) Vendor Reference Guide

Telecom/Communications Service Provider Edition

EOPs enable telecoms and communication service providers to sell, manage, and provision communication services (e.g., voice/text/data) with media (OOT/Video on demand), software, and hardware (IoT, phones) for consumer or business use cases.

Differentiating capabilities

  • Multi-partner solution bundling
  • BSS/OSS integration
  • TM Forum API support

To be recognized as an Ecosystem Orchestration Platform (EOP) and be included in IDC’s report, OneBill had to fulfill essential criteria, covering:

  • Commercial platform
  • Partner experience
  • Customer experience
  • Entitlement and provisioning
  • Offer and order management
  • Integration
  • Business analytics and insights
  • Billing, partner settlement, and revenue recognition

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