OneBill Leapfrogs Volli Communications’ Billing and Partner Management Capabilities Into A New Dimension

San Francisco, California – July, 19 2022: Volli Communications , a leading UCaaS provider, has chosen OneBill, an award-winning billing solution, as their strategic partner to take their billing and partner management capabilities to the next level.

OneBill Leapfrogs Volli Communications’ Billing and Partner Management Capability Into A New Dimension

Volli Communications offer a plethora of services to power their customer’s communication needs, providing everything from advanced call routing, call queuing, phone provisioning, porting, auto attending, and call recording. Moreover, Volli Communications is solidified as the exclusive SIP trunk provider and backend developer for FORTINET and the FortiVoice platform.

Prior to engaging OneBill, Volli Communications were using a myriad of systems to manage each aspect of their revenue processes. Managing billing, channel partners and commission payments also required some highly manual tasks which was impeding operational efficiency. Furthermore, keeping on top of taxation compliance and reporting was becoming cumbersome.

Since implementing OneBill, Volli Communications have eliminated unnecessary duplication in systems, to streamline their revenue operations into one platform. They have also brought their channel partners into one billing ecosystem where their commission payments can be settled in real time; a game changer for the business. Furthermore, Volli Communications have also leveraged OneBill’s taxation integration with Avalara to stay on top of reporting.

Travis Curnutte, Director of Marketing said “the OneBill development team has been a breeze to work with; and have worked seamlessly with our internal engineers. We’re excited to continue building our strategic relationship with the OneBill family”.

JK Chelladurai, Founder and CEO of OneBill, said, “We feel an enormous amount of mutual respect and appreciation for the Volli Communications team. Our product engineering team have enjoyed the opportunity to configure the OneBill platform in order to address their key pain points”.

You can learn more about how OneBill is automating and optimizing the billing operations of many global UCaaS providers today at

About OneBill: 

OneBill is a billing platform where businesses can automate the entire quote-to-cash cycle, from setting up products, managing contracts, fulfilling orders, rating usage, applying taxes, billing, and recognizing revenue. Furthermore, OneBill empowers businesses with a 360 degree view of customer interactions and the ability to resell through partners, to ultimately accelerate time to market and maximize revenue.

About Volli Communications: 

Volli Communications is a leading SIP provider with a proven network architecture, providing secure backbone communications for its customers. Volli Communications provides high-quality audio, end-to-end support and complete flexibility, enabling its customers to deliver reliable and high-performance communications, comprehensively secured, across their environment.

OneBill Contact:
Barathi Balakrishnan
VP, Marketing

Volli Communications Contact:
Travis Curnutte

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