OneBill and Xero partner to seamlessly bridge the gap between billing and financial accounting

San Francisco, California, May 09, 2023OneBill Software, a leading billing and monetization platform today announced that it has launched a new integration partnership with Xero, a leading global small business accounting solution.

OneBill and Xero partner to seamlessly bridge the gap between billing and financial accounting

With over 3.5 million subscribers, Xero provides small businesses with all their accounting needs such as payroll, workforce management, expenses, and projects, all in one place.

One key challenge for Xero users is that there are limited billing solutions on the market that seamlessly integrate with their platform, causing duplication of work between billing and accounting functions, and also manual handling of transaction data which opens up the risk of reporting errors.

However, through his new integration with OneBill, Xero users can seamlessly and automatically push billing data to Xero such as:

  • Subscriber information
  • Invoice details
  • Payment transactions

Furthermore, users can ensure the GL codes in both platforms are aligned to ensure that the transactions are appropriately categorized.

OneBill Software is a cloud-based billing and monetization platform. The platform provides complete visibility into all receivables, allowing businesses to monetize their products/services efficiently, automate the order fulfillment process, manage channel partners in real time, and have a 360 degree view of their customer interactions, to ultimately accelerate time to market and maximize revenue.

Founder and CEO of OneBill, JK Chelladurai says “we are seeing an increasing number of customers across the globe come to us with a core requirement to integrate with Xero. Therefore we are excited that we can offer this solution, so that they can achieve one cohesive revenue operation.”

About OneBill: 

OneBill is an intelligent end-to-end revenue management ecosystem that consists of opportunity tracking, product configuration, quoting, contract management, customer relationship management, order fulfillment, inventory management, consumption rating, taxation, billing, payment processing, A/R management and revenue recognition, while supporting vendor/reseller management to agent commissioning.

OneBill Contact:
Barathi Balakrishnan – VP, Marketing

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