Convergent Billing and OSS/BSS System for Retail and Wholesale ISPs and MVNOs

Streamlining end-to-end billing and revenue operations for retail and wholesale internet & network service providers – WISP, Fiber, Cable, Broadband, MNOs, and MVNOs.

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We offer retail and wholesale wireless internet and IoT services to Wireless Network Operators, Mobile Network Operators, Cable Companies and other Emerging Telecommunications Operators.

We searched for a comprehensive platform to provide a turnkey OSS/BSS system with the flexibility to seamlessly service our wholesale and retail clients with our current and future wireless offers. Additionally, we wanted our wholesale customers to have a full online private-branded portal that allowed them total management of all their end-user customers as well.

OneBill was able to provide us with an all-inclusive package right out of the box. The after-sale and prelaunch support was second to none.

Bobby Mahler

General Manager
Covenant Telecom

Everything you need to launch, bill, and monetize your internet services and support your retail and wholesale customers

Effortlessly Launch Your Internet Services via Any Sales Channel in No Time!

Configure various internet services with add-ons and bundles (voice, data, TV, OTT, etc.), and value-added services
Offer discounts, promotions, and custom packages
Cross-sell and upsell to increase ARPU
Sell through wholesale/ resellers, agents, eCommerce, etc.
Sell through regional service providers
Settle partner commissions in real-time


Service Qualification

Determine service availability for a provided location and the plans / services offered in that particular location


Flexibility in Plans, Pricing, and Bandwidth Management

Configure flexible pricing models (one-time, recurring, usage-based, hybrid, rule-based, etc.)
Launch multiple plans (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
Set bandwidth/ speed limits (100Mbps, 500Mbps, etc.)
Set usage limits/ data caps (500GB, 1TB, 5TB, etc.)
Contract-based pricing for B2B customers


Order Fulfillment, Provisioning, and Inventory Management

Capture omnichannel orders
Automate provisioning and activation of orders in real-time
Automate workflows to orchestrate orders
Automate network provisioning
Manage inventory (IP addresses, routers, etc)
Automate shipment of routers and hardware devices
Interact with downstream systems & handle failures
Seamless service termination


Subscription Lifecycle Management

Manage subscribers with account hierarchy
Manage subscription plan upgrades, downgrades, suspensions, and resuming services
Handle subscription cancellations and renewals
Implement price changes, locking, and escalations
Co-terminate subscriptions based on contract


Billing & Collections

Manage both wholesale and retail billing
Apply real-time and bill-time taxes
Handle recurring, non-recurring, metered, and ad-hoc charges
Charge in advance and arrears
Enable flexible billing cycles: on-demand, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
Automate payment collections
Automate dunning for handling non-payments service restrictions


Partner & Customer Experience

Empower partners by enabling them to sell your internet as their own with white-labeling functionality
Enable white-label end customer portal to view / pay invoices, change plans, suspend / resume service, cancel service, and choose add-ons
Support customers with service desk for ticketing


Revenue Reporting & Compliance

Uphold PCI compliance
ASC 606/IFRS-15 compliant revenue reporting
Create general ledger and journal entries
Handle of Performance Obligations (POB), Standalone Selling Prices (SSP), Contract Modifications, Price Allocation, etc.
Provide dashboards and Business Intelligence