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Streamlining Complex and Dynamic Billing & Revenue Operations for Logistics Service Providers

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Tabadul, one of the leading logistics platform providers in Saudi Arabia, uses OneBill to streamline its billing & revenue operations and achieves a single source of truth by easily connecting with multiple systems.

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With OneBill, we have been able to seamlessly manage our entire billing process, from generating quotes to invoicing and collecting payments. The platform’s user-friendly interface and automation capabilities have significantly reduced manual efforts and eliminated errors, allowing us to focus more on serving our customers and growing our business.

OneBill’s comprehensive reporting and analytics features have provided us with valuable insights into our financial performance and customer behavior. This has empowered us to make data-driven decisions, optimize our pricing strategies, and enhance our overall customer experience.

Furthermore, the level of support and responsiveness we have received from the OneBill team has been exceptional. They have consistently gone above and beyond to address our needs and ensure that we are maximizing the full potential of their platform.

Thamer Alshudayyid
Billing Solution Support Lead
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Simplify logistics billing complexities and avoid cash flow bottlenecks with scalable logistics billing software

OneBill enables Logistics Service Providers (LSP) to effortlessly handle complex and dynamic operational billing challenges with quoting, contract management, billing & invoicing, taxation, payments collections, settlements, billing reconciliation, order fulfillment, and partner management – on single unified platform.

Billing & invoicing automation

Automatically calculate charges and generate invoices based on different arrangements with different clients and different vendors. And send accurate bills/ invoices on time without any delays or follow-ups with end-to-end automation.

Raise on-time bills/ invoices
Validate the bills for payment
Bill all transactions
Flexible billing cycles & charge types
Payment modes & terms
Taxation, accounting, and reconciliation


Quoting & contract management

Send quotes and manage contracts with different terms and automatically apply the correct rule to each contract once its completed and generate an invoice and a settlement for you to review.

Quoting approval management
Contract term management
Multi-currency & multi-language support


Order fulfillment & provisioning workflows

Automate the end-to-end order fulfillment and provisioning with the OneBill’s enterprise-grade process orchestration that integrates easily with your existing infrastructure.

Easily capture, track, and fulfill orders
Effortlessly connect with multiple systems
Automate provisioning workflows
Manage physical and digital inventory
No-code workflows for easy implementation


Effortlessly track, manage, recognize, report on, and forecast revenue

Tracking revenue from each unique contract can be problematic if there is not one streamlined view that takes into account the different payment cycles and terms. OneBill enables you to effortlessly track, manage, recognize, report on, and forecast revenue.

AR Management with smart dunning
Generate monthly revenue journal entries
Recognize Revenue using ASC 606 and IFRS 15
Revenue reporting & analytics


The OneBill excellence: Technical excellence, support excellence, and getting results quickly.

“The world we live in is moving at lightning speed and you need companies like OneBill that think like you and want you to be successful.”

OneBill performs consistently well and has also been able to meet some of our unique needs that no other vendor was able to achieve. They will go above and beyond for their customer.

“OneBill really shines in their exceptional customer service. I have never encountered customer service quite like I have with the OneBill team.”

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