OneBill Selfcare Portal: Customer Self-Service Portal for Businesses

Empower your customers to control their subscription plans, orders, invoices, payments, and raise tickets.

OneBill’s selfcare/self-service portal helps businesses to manage their end customers by allowing them to register and login to their account to manage their profiles, payments, subscriptions, invoices, and raise tickets. Our Selfcare portal can be branded and customized to suit the needs of the business accordingly.

OneBill Self Care Portal

Create a better experience for your customers with our Self-Service Portal

Our selfcare portal allows your subscribers to view their subscriptions and various profile details on their personalized web page and helps them manage their accounts conveniently. It also showcases various information and data associated with the end subscriber’s account. And, your end subscriber can log in to the self-care portal and make their payments, and purchase new subscriptions.

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The subscriber can view the list of subscriptions associated with the corresponding account.

The subscriber can click on the Product/Price Plan name link to view the details about the subscription.

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The subscriber can view the list of orders placed by the subscriber at various intervals.

The subscriber can view the details about the specific Order.

The Order detail page also provides additional details such as Order ID, Order Name (reference as provided by the subscriber), Order Date, Billing Active Date, Order Created By, Order Subtotal, Order Tax value, Total Order Amount and Products/Price Plans selected within an order along with the Quantity and Frequency details.

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The subscriber can view all the invoices created against the subscriber.

The subscriber can click on the invoice to view the pdf of the invoice, and if the invoice is not paid, the subscriber can pay for the invoice from here.

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Payments page displays all the payments recorded against the subscriber as well as any refund processed.

This could include any automated payments processed from OneBill, as well as manual payment recorded either from Selfcare/through a CSR user.

The subscribers would be able to view their payments as well as download payment receipts from this section.

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The Service Desk page can be used by the subscriber to create new trouble tickets or to view information on trouble tickets.

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Key Features

Key Features of OneBill’s Customer Self-Service Portal


Switch Price Plan from Self-care

The OneBill Selfcare allows an end customer to switch to a new price plan, directly from the portal. Switching to a new price plan essentially implies that the end customer will be moving their subscription from one price plan to a new one.


Purchasing Add-On from Selfcare

Once a base subscription has been activated for an end customer, they can go ahead and purchase a new add-on product as part of this base subscription. The add-on subscription will be coupled along with the base subscription in the Selfcare portal as well as in the OneBill portal.


Viewing Subscriptions

After a subscription has been created/registered on behalf of a subscriber, that subscription can be viewed from the subscriber’s subscription listing section of the selfcare portal.


View & export Invoices

All invoices corresponding to a particular subscriber will be present in the selfcare, under the invoice listing section. The invoice listing section allows a business to list and view the invoices that belong to the subscriber account.


Adding Credit Card Details

The OneBill selfcare portal allows end customers to be able to add new credit card details from their selfcare account. Once a new credit card is added into the selfcare portal, the end customer can use that to make payments against outstanding invoices that are present against their account.


Raising Tickets

If the end customer is facing an issue with the services that they are subscribed to, they can go ahead and raise a new service ticket, directly using the selfcare Service Desk feature. This functionality allows a subscriber to raise a ticket that is then assigned to a business user in the OneBill portal.

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