Sales Commission Management Software

Real-time commission settlements for your agents and resellers

OneBill’s commission management software helps businesses to empower their channel partners with real time commission settlements and grow their channel sales. The partner could be any channel entity that works with the provider. This could be a reseller who resells the provider product / services in other regions, or an agent who gets commissions for referring business to the provider.

Flexible Pricing Plans. * Starts from $299.

Commission Management Software
Why OneBill Commission Management?

The Most Sophisticated Commission Management with Multi-Level Partner Management Capabilities

You can allocate a percentage of the subscription amount as a commission for your agents under settlement Policy. And, you can also configure the rules under settlement policy to set commission values for your agents. These values can be configured in the form of a percentage or a fixed amount for every product sale as defined in the rule.

  • 1.

    Supports multi-party settlements

  • 2.

    Real time settlement calculation / reporting

  • 3.

    Support for different settlement models be it revenue share based or fixed cost based or margin based. You need anything else, we can support the same

  • 4.

    OOB reports / invoice or statements on settlement / commissioning data

  • 5.

    Segmented policy definition to treat different channel partners differently


Maximize Your revenue, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary revenue leakage!