Billing Innovations: A CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation

Billing Innovations: A CIO’s Guide to Digital Transformation [eBook]

The financial industry is progressively undergoing a significant change. The advent of new financial technologies and the abundance of big data have triggered a profound transformation in the way financial transactions are conducted. This remarkable shift is largely due to disruptive innovation, with electronic and third-party payments at the forefront.

A CIO's Guide to Digital Transformation [eBook]

Amid these shifts, electronic payment systems are becoming increasingly significant in the financial sector. The study titled “Electronic Payment Behaviors of Consumers under Digital Transformation in Finance—A Case Study of Third-Party Payments” published in the Journal of Risk and Financial Management sheds light on the critical role of digital payments in the financial

E-commerce transactions have underscored the significance of electronic and third-party payment systems offered by electronic payment platforms. By employing a questionnaire survey method and
collecting 332 valid responses, the research provides valuable insights into how consumers perceive and utilize electronic payment solutions in the era of digital transformation The study highlights the importance of user acceptance of innovative technologies in the financial industry and e-commerce. Factors like perceived usefulness, ease of use, and external environment influence electronic payment behaviors. Internal characteristics and high-quality information systems also impact users’ perception and intention to use electronic payments.

In this context, we aim to offer you a detailed guide on utilizing billing advancements to drive digital transformation. This guide explores how contemporary cloud-based billing platforms, such as OneBill, correspond with crucial insights and enable CIOs to navigate the changing terrain of financial digital transformation.

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