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Reduce manual billing processes and data errors.
Through implementing the OneBill’s CPQ and BRM modules, Tabadul was able to automate their billing process from the point of generating a quote, to revenue recognition and reporting, ensuring the ultimate invoicing accuracy.

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Quote to cash process

OneBill CPQ

Configure Price Quote

OneBill BRM

OneBill BRM

Billing & Revenue Management

Company Profile:

Tabadul is a provider of imports and exports management platform. It provides innovative technical solutions to improve efficiency, increase transparency, and enhance the operational performance of global trade. It commenced its operations in the year 2005 to assist in the digital transformation of the logistics and business sectors.

Challenges & Goals:

Prior to approaching OneBill, Tabadul were having challenges with a lack of automation in their billing process, which was resulting in extensive manual effort and data errors. 

Furthermore, Tabadul had limitations with accessing insightful reporting and analytics to identify where exactly revenue leakage was occurring through their revenue generation cycle.


Through implementing OneBill’s intelligent CPQ module, Tabadul were able to ensure that their data had the utmost accuracy from the point of configuring their customer quotes and contract terms. 

Moreover, by leveraging OneBill’s BRM module, Tabadul were able to automate their end-to-end billing workflow from the point of sending quotes, all the way to revenue recognition. This consequently reduced manual labor and maximized invoice data accuracy.

Lastly, Tabadul were able to harness OneBill’s insightful reporting and analytics tool to enable them to optimize their pricing strategies and make more informed revenue management decisions.

“With OneBill, we have been able to seamlessly manage our entire billing process, from generating quotes to invoicing and collecting payments. The platform’s user-friendly interface and automation capabilities have significantly reduced manual efforts and eliminated errors, allowing us to focus more on serving our customers and growing our business.

OneBill’s comprehensive reporting and analytics features have provided us with valuable insights into our financial performance and customer behavior. This has empowered us to make data-driven decisions, optimize our pricing strategies, and enhance our overall customer experience.

Furthermore, the level of support and responsiveness we have received from the OneBill team has been exceptional. They have consistently gone above and beyond to address our needs and ensure that we are maximizing the full potential of their platform.”

Thamer Alshudayyid

Billing Solution Support Lead, Tabadul

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