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Sage Network & Communications

Company Profile:

Sage Network & Communications provides a complete suite of business phone solutions, business networking services, and cloud data services to drive business growth. They offer a broad range of solutions utilizing the latest technology in data and voice networking (Ethernet over Copper and Fiber MPLS), and voice services (VoIP, SIP Trunking, analog phone systems).

Challenges & Goals:

Prior to approaching OneBill, the team at Sage Network & Communications were spending a full week managing his billing operations. 

“Most of the processes were manual and it greatly affected my ability to focus on other areas of the business. I also needed to have the peace of mind that the information presented to my customers was consistent and accurate.” – Rick Minyard, Owner and Co-Founder of Sage.

Their goals were to find a billing solution that:


Through implementing the OneBill platform, Sage Network & Communications were able to configure complex product bundles, customize pricing plans, facilitate parallel invoice runs through automation and ensure usage rating accuracy. 

OneBill also became a one-stop sales solution for Sage Network & Communications, as they were able to use the CRM module to manage all customer interactions and have one version of the truth from a records perspective.

Our old billing system was very rigid and customization was virtually non-existent. In a word, we needed something that was flexible. OneBill’s flexibility allowed us to easily add new products, change elements of existing products, adjust pricing and labelling of various elements on the invoice.

OneBill helped us to increase operational efficiency by 94%. As a result, I’ve got far more time to concentrate on the other aspects of my business that allow us to continue our growth.

Rick Minyard

CEO at Sage Network & Communications
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