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Sage Network & Communications

Sage Network & Communications

Company Profile:

Sage Network & Communications provides a complete suite of business phone solutions, business networking services, and cloud data services to drive business growth. They offer a broad range of solutions utilizing the latest technology in data and voice networking (Ethernet over Copper and Fiber MPLS), and voice services (VoIP, SIP Trunking, analog phone systems).

Challenges & Goals:

Prior to approaching OneBill, the team at Sage Network & Communications were spending a full week managing his billing operations. 

“Most of the processes were manual and it greatly affected my ability to focus on other areas of the business. I also needed to have the peace of mind that the information presented to my customers was consistent and accurate.” – Rick Minyard, Owner and Co-Founder of Sage.

Their goals were to find a billing solution that:


Through implementing the OneBill platform, Sage Network & Communications were able to configure complex product bundles, customize pricing plans, facilitate parallel invoice runs through automation and ensure usage rating accuracy. 

OneBill also became a one-stop sales solution for Sage Network & Communications, as they were able to use the CRM module to manage all customer interactions and have one version of the truth from a records perspective.

In fact, OneBill helped Sage Network & Communications to increase their operational efficiency by 94%.

“As a result, I’ve got far more time to concentrate on the other aspects of my business that allow us to continue our growth.”

Rick Minyard, Owner and Co-Founder of Sage.
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