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Company Profile:

With solutions used by millions worldwide, ​ADTRAN​ is a leading global provider of innovative network access products. They enable voice, data, video and internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures. Their solutions are used by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations, and individuals.

Challenges & Goals:

ADTRAN was launching a UCaaS business in partnership with ​Broadsoft​. They wanted their master agents to resell their UCaaS services. Master agents in turn worked with sub agents to interact with the end customer.

Products being offered in this channel were:

A solution was needed to automate the service purchase across Bandwidth, Broadcloud (using Rialto APIs), Teledynamics, and ADTRAN’S internal systems for their financial management.

There were essentially 4 key challenges that ADTRAN needed to solve:


OneBill used APIs to reduce duplicate data entry by integrating with ADTRAN’S partner systems:

Additional integration with DocuSign also enabled e-signature for quotes and LoA.

Furthermore, through OneBill’s MLCM module, ADTRAN were able to bring their agents and sub-agents into one billing ecosystem. As a result, agents could see information that only ADTRAN gave them permission to view. The portal enabled agents to view and manage business, reducing ADTRAN’S involvement and resource time in manually providing data.

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