Metered Billing or Usage Based Billing – Pay as You Go

One of the biggest impact of the cloud shift has been on the way customers expect to use and pay for services. Metered Billing or Usage-based billing /pricing is rapidly becoming popular across industries. Within the communications sector, customers are being charged for services used, For example, based on call data records and parameters like […]

Why Is Billing So Hard for UCaaS Providers?

The rate at which the Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service or UCaaS market is growing is incredible. Reports suggest it will become a $96 billion market by 2023! UCaaS providers offer a diverse set of communication services along with a multitude of value-added services and over the top applications. All customers have to do […]

The 7 Critical Pillars of Monetization Solution for UCaaS Providers

UCaaS providers often get crushed under the weight of monetizing their offerings while trying to launch next-generation services. Deciding how to package and price the various products and offering can be mind-boggling, and many UCaaS providers often lose a lot of revenue when these decisions are based on instincts rather than facts. How do you […]

UCaaS Providers – You May Be Giving Away Your Services and Not Even Know It

The UCaaS market has grown dramatically over the past couple of years and has earned the favor of the enterprise. It is estimated that by 2021, this market will be worth USD 28.69 Billion. Low cost of ownership, the flexibility to integrate multiple forms of communications on one platform, a pay-per-use model of charging are […]

10 Drivers for Selecting a Billing Solution

A robust billing solution is a fundamental part of running a successful business; so fundamental, that is it is often taken for granted. In addition to generating invoices, a billing solution performs a number of other key tasks including monitoring cash flow, ensuring proactive contract renewal as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. In fact, the […]