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Why Is Billing So Hard for UCaaS Providers?

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The rate at which the Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service or UCaaS market is growing is incredible. Reports suggest it will become a $96 billion market by 2023! UCaaS providers offer a diverse set of communication services along with a multitude of value-added services and over the top applications. All customers have to do is pick-and-choose the services as per their communications needs. However, considering the number of services available, each with its own billing cycle, billing method, taxation policy, jurisdiction, and more, creating innovative service bundles based on the past buying patterns or on the local market demand is not easy. UCaaS providers are always on the hunt for solutions that could help overcome the many challenges, streamline the billing process, and deliver out-of-the-box customer experiences.

Billing challenges UCaaS Providers Face

Today, almost every service offered under the UCaaS umbrella could be personalized or customized in various ways – the number of users/extensions allowed, services allowed for each user, DID, and toll-free numbers with or without included minutes etc. Considering the magnitude and complexity of each service offered, here are some billing challenges UCaaS providers face:
Customer Management:

Flexible Billing Management:

Pricing Plans Management:


For service providers who do not have access to the right billing platform, billing is hence a hard task. In addition, there are several other aspects that complicate the billing process:

How a subscription billing platform can help?

Having to manage multiple customers with multiple billing models, preferences, cycles, and currencies make billing an excruciatingly complex process for UCaaS providers. A cloud-based subscription billing platform is a great way to overcome all the challenges of billing – in one go. Not only does it enable more control over the billing cycle, but it also ensures on-time billing through precise billing methods. Here’s what a billing platform can help you achieve:

Dynamic billing for a competitive edge

For any UCaaS provider, accurate and timely billing is critical for a steady flow of recurring revenue. However, considering the gamut of challenges that UCaaS providers have to face with respect to the billing process, managing, communicating and accepting payments from customers in the most efficient way comes at a price. A subscription billing solution allows you to take complete control over the billing cycle and offer flexible and innovative billing options. Not only can you choose when customers are billed, but you can also define custom bill cycles, billing modes, and taxation policies to streamline the billing process. Make the billing process more dynamic for your customers, limit delays and get the competitive edge you’ve always been aspiring for.
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