Future Is Now. Check Out The Whitepaper By OneBill on IoT/Cloud Economy

They say dreamers are those who have their head in the cloud, they also say only if you dream do you achieve. Guess that’s the the roundabout way of saying ~ Get on the cloud! Better late than never! But we mean your business of course, and for a very great reason.
Some companies have reservations, especially about their revenue management being materialized on cloud. But such reservations should be things of past. Every company who is striving to be anything significant is this world is reaching out to its customers everywhere, connecting with them at every possible node.
Think about these questions:
~ Do you have a complex product portfolio which is only getting more complex?
~ There is a constant price war in your industry, and sometimes your reaction time is not as fast as it should be?
~ And there is a constant stream of subscription related red flags that need your attention?
You are not alone if you say yes. But there are companies that are doing it better, and they are being empowered by cloud based business functions. Be it billing, taxation, order management, customer service, everything has moved to cloud and is functioning impeccably. Saving them grief over these issues and more. This is where “convergence” comes to play.
It’s part of the evolution of your business to wrestle with the convergence opportunity and create what works for you. BUT, when your plan is in place and you’re ready to go to market, what might hobble you are the business solutions that should be enabling your catalog/pricing, subscribers, functional departments, partners and business intelligence.
Whether you’re dealing with competition, expanding your offer, increasing your sales channel, or even eyeing IoT, then our latest whitepaper “Enterprise Revenue Management in a Cloud/IoT Economy” is for you.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more.

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