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How Can You Monetize your UCaaS Business To Drive Growth?

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Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service or UCaaS, is a rapidly emerging and growing subset of the “Xaas” community. Gartner predicts that there are over 100,000 UCaaS Service/solution providers globally and this number is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.  In this competitive market scenario, is are you really equipped to meet evolving customer expectations and deliver seamless service on-demand? Can your business really deliver complex hybrid pricing and subscription offerings, meet compliance requirements, and build a thriving partner network?

Our eBook, How To Grow a UCaaS business and Win customers, outlines some of the smart revenue management strategies you need to grow and meet the demands of the new cloud-connected era.

Find out more about some smart monetization strategies and how to achieve them:

1. Flexible, Hybrid Pricing and Contract Management

The days of sell -install-build are long gone, and modern customers expect bundled offers, payment schemes, and seamless contracts and commencement of services. Can you really do this alone?

2. Efficient Billings and Collections

How about invoicing and collections management?  Can a UcaaS business like yours really manage all the flexi hybrid contracting to come up with correct invoicing and also streamline collections and payment processes?

3. Data Analytics and Business intelligence

Data is money in the current digital economy and every business like yours must leverage its data for usable business insights.

4. Compliance and Taxation

A complex digital era business requires efficient management of taxation and compliance requirements. Your business must automate these crucial processes for zero error efficiency

5. Partner and Channel Management

The ability to on-board service providers and resellers and handle multi-party relationships across the ecosystem is the hallmark of the modern business. How can you maintain healthy channel partnerships effortlessly?

Self Help

The modern customer wants to be able to manage their subscriptions themselves and call centers are passé. A self-care portal has naturally become an important part of your value-added services.

Find out how you can build a truly profitable and market leading UcaaS business with just 6 easy strategies. Download our eBook now.

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