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Self-Care Portal : Empowering Customers

The modern customer wants to be able to manage their subscriptions and their service provider relationships themselves without calling a call center for help. A self-care portal has naturally become an important part of a provider’s value added services. This portal allows customers to buy new products and services from the provider’s catalogue, change their plans, pay bills, check invoice details, submit support tickets, ask for clarifications and much more. The billing system has to be able to support this portal. It has to have the ability to come up with an online quote so that the customer knows how much they will be paying on a monthly basis, identify the one-time, recurring & non-recurring charges, the tax implications and other charges well in advance so that they know what they are signing up for. In today’s cloud enabled multi device on demand era, it is essential for this portal to be omni channel and device agnostic.

Customer Care Portal : A Helping Hand

This is very different from a self-care portal and also needs to be supported by the billing system. This offers help to the customer experience in dealing with the business and enables the business to resolve customer issues quickly, efficiently and in an personalized manner. – For example: The CSR agent representing the business should have all the relevant information pertaining to the customer. As soon as the customer gives their name, appointment details with XYZ agent, the CSR agent should be able to connect him immediately to the service agent who is waiting to help. The service agent should have all the data about the customer and his issues ready for reference. So the customer gets instant service help, pays for the service rendered and leaves with the personalized service experience. The billing system should be able to integrate with the customer service portal to offer all information about customers and the services they consume.
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