TMC Labs names OneBill as its Internet Telephony Innovation Award Winner – 2018!

If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Innovation doesn’t happen without first recognizing customer needs, and here at OneBill we are constantly motivated to be better because of our customers.   We are excited to announce that OneBill has just been recognized for TMC’s 2018 Internet Telephony Innovation Award! This award from TMC labs, a global integrated media company, recognizes products that are innovative and contribute significantly to the communication technology space.
“OneBill has proven their commitment to quality and the further development of the IP communications industry through its offerings,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC Labs. “Congratulations to the entire team at OneBill on earning this great honor. I look forward to seeing more innovative solutions from them as they continue to contribute towards the future of IP communications,” Tehrani added.
Businesses have been using disparate systems for their requirements such as Quoting, Customer Management, Professional Service Automation, and Billing. OneBill’s cloud-based integrated Billing-As-A-Service platform, hosted on AWS, assists the billing and revenue management of emerging services, such as UCaaS, Cloud Services, IoT etc., to manage their business and operational needs. This includes Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Order Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Billing, Invoicing, Taxation, Provisioning, Service Activation, and Reseller/Channel partner management.
OneBill’s latest version portrays innovation in each of its functions—Billing/Invoicing, Price personalization, Metered Billing, Channel Management, Provisioning, and Activation.
“We are thrilled about the TMC’s recognition of our Innovation,” says JK Chelladurai, Founder and CEO of OneBill. On the award-winning differentiator, he said, “Businesses need beyond just Subscription Billing. OneBill’s “Concept-Order-Activate-Cash” package is an innovative and complete subscription management solution.”
The engineers at OneBill explain this with an example of a typical UCaaS order which may consist of 1) DID ordering 2) Configuring hosted PBX platform and 3) Shipping a phone device to the customer’s premises. This order involves three different carriers— a SIP trunk provider, a softswitch provider, and a device distributor. OneBill decomposes the order, orchestrates the decomposed order elements across all the three carriers’ platform for provisioning and activation of the UCaaS service. The ultimate outcome of this integration is to produce one bill for all the services used to the end customer (the company name OneBill is inspired by this value offered to the customers).
If your idea of an efficient subscription management system for your business is a solution that facilitates instant activation, supports auto-link to Billing, accepts payment based on usage, offers personalized pricing model, provides a seamless Channel Management System, generates a single bill and includes Taxation, OneBill is the perfect choice.
Convinced to try our award-winning platform yet? Test drive the full version of OneBill here today!

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