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The Revenue Management Solution for UCaaS

OneBill UCaaS revenue management solution. Best invoicing software with recurring billing, CPQ, CRM, usage based VOIP billing

The success of any UCaaS business depends largely on an effective billing and subscription management solution.
With UCaaS growing at a rate of 33% each year and revenue that is touching close to $28 billion, the question is not about “a” solution – rather, it’s about “the” solution.

The Challenges of the UCaaS Industry

A UCaaS business combines products and services from multiple sources to provide a unified communications system to customers. The technology is constantly changing and improving to increase efficiency and functionality. It’s a highly competitive industry.
Because of the fast pace of the UCaaS marketplace and the complexity of the products and services it provides, the ability to get the competitive edge requires speed, flexibility, efficiency, and groundbreaking solutions.

The Importance of the Right Revenue Management System

How a UCaaS company handles recurring billing and subscription management will either make or break their business.
Common issues that negatively impact a UCaaS business include:

When a UCaaS business cannot overcome these challenges, success is difficult to achieve.

Features to Consider in a Revenue Management System

When choosing the revenue management system for your UCaaS business, look for a solution that can provide the following features:

Benefits of OneBill Revenue Management

OneBill is tailor-made for UCaaS companies, enabling simple management of high-volume subscriptions. We make it possible for a UCaaS business to gain the competitive edge through speed, flexibility, efficiency, and advanced connectivity.
In addition to all of the above features, OneBill provides the following benefits:

Bobby Hampton, VP of Operations for CWG Solutions says OneBill has “the perfect ‘can-do attitude’ that we really need in our billing partner”. At OneBill, we are continually working to provide not just another revenue management system, but the right revenue management system for the UCaaS industry.
Let us work with you to give you the competitive edge in this rapidly growing market. Contact us today.
Connect with us for DEMO of OneBill – an Award-winning subscription management solution!

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