PR – OneBill – SureTax Integration

OneBill Software Inc., a premier provider of Revenue Management solutions for subscription businesses, has announced its integration with the leading telecommunication taxation provider, SureTax, enhancing its product’s capabilities to solve telecom tax complications. With this integration, OneBill has leveraged its existing platform to fit the market requirements perfectly.
OneBill had recently entered into the AT&T Partner Exchange, where it has provided its SaaS revenue management capabilities to AT&T Solution Providers. In the Partner Exchange, OneBill’s success has also been contributed to by the popular demand for solving taxation snags, which OneBill has successfully resolved with its integrations with leading names like SureTax.
With this OneBill-SureTax integration, it’s now easy to calculate tax across all geographical locations. Companies can now enjoy accurate real time billing and taxation together and not have to juggle between multiple tools and platforms. OneBill users are assured of avoiding costly errors in billing thus ensuring customer retention with smooth business. SureTax already manages taxations smoothly, and presents the reports and documents necessary for all legal processes. Now with OneBill, users get these great features added to end to end billing.
With multiple integrations across business process, OneBill has built a truly convergent solution using every possible means to connect and develop a close relationship with partners like SureTax at various venues like the last AT&T summit in Dallas, TX, on Oct 20-22, 2014.
OneBill founder and CEO, JK Chelladurai quoted, “We are bringing together multiple business systems that any company would need and use, ranging from taxation, CRM, accounting, payment gateways and more. The platform makes it very easy and error free for any user to run a billing process month after month. This taxation integration is a complementary step towards this goal.
And we could not ask for a more supportive team than SureTax in this integration process”
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