SaaS is the way to go for enterprise applications

Although using the cloud for applications is hardly a new concept, we still get requests for on-premise implementations. Bessemer says “just say no”. They point to the maturation of cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services in quality and portability, making it easier for larger enterprises to come join the trend – outsourcing all business applications to the cloud.
Of course, on-premise apps are a hodge podge of software, extreme customization and complex integrations. No wonder IT departments are reluctant to consider cloud alternatives – after all, job security is a significant factor in platform selection. As in any adoption curve, there are the leaders and the laggards. In the world of SaaS acceptance, the leaders are on average smaller or mid-sized companies, leaving the enterprise giants in the dust.
The best SaaS solutions are, like OneBill, built for the cloud. Point-and-click implementation, integration, data migration. Even with inherent functional complexity, we build it to be easy.
OneBill’s Revenue Management solution for subscription businesses can operate effectively and securely in the cloud. Indeed, we remove a lot of the application management headaches that IT has, by allowing you to manage your OneBill application quickly and efficiently.
Go cloud!
And if you are a SaaS company, Bessemer’s paper, although few years old now, is still worth a read.

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