OneBill’s strategic boost with Anna Kennedy

OneBill, looking to expand its partnership and strategic alliances has brought on board a seasoned veteran in the business development field. Anna Kennedy has over 20 years of experience where she has helped organizations promote their growth and strategy through business development efforts in technology including marketing, sales, partner management, organizational change management, P&L management, and contract negotiation. Formerly Executive Vice President of Guidance Solutions, Inc., Anna led their business development initiatives. Anna previously served as Regional Vice President (western region) for divine, Inc., and led a team of over 100 strategy, technology and creative consultants who delivered professional services to clients.
Anna met JK at a Silicon Valley event where the concept and potential of OneBill attracted her to step in and step up the ante. She has been an invaluable addition to the team as she has put OneBill on the path to streamlined excellence. She is a perfectionist who delivers the absolute best, which is now translating to our clients and partners.
As OneBill has entered into strategic alliances with the likes of Matrixx, IBM and AT&T. Anna has been the brain forging all these associations to provide the best for our customers.
Originally from the U.K., she has lived in the U.S. since 1994. She holds degrees in mathematics and computer science and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
JK has been frequently quoted saying, “She is the mastermind, the chief strategist. We are very happy to have one of the sharpest brains in Silicon Valley on our team.”

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