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OneBill Steps Up the Game in APAC with Strategic Partnership with Unico

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OneBill, the enterprise class subscription revenue management platform provider, today announced its strategic channel partnership with Unico, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Unico will be enabling potential customers in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit from a local cloud implementation and local services for onboarding and support, combined with the leading subscription business revenue management solution from OneBill.
JK Chelladurai, CEO and Founder of OneBill was quoted saying, “I am delighted to have entered into the Channel Partner agreement with Unico. This marks OneBill’s foray into Australia, and a big step contributing to our business in APAC. We are very excited and look forward to helping Unico in any way we can to make this partnership a success.”
Unico, with their established network in APAC will not only resell OneBill but also provide professional services for customer onboarding and ongoing support, which will be a major advantage to business operations in this part of the world for OneBill.
Unico Managing Director, John Rowland, was quoted saying, “We have been on the lookout for a service provider who was as committed to bring innovative business technology solutions to the world as we are. And OneBill fit the bill perfectly. We are very eager to get this partnership going.”
About OneBill Software:
OneBill is a full-lifecycle subscription business Revenue Management Platform designed to help our customers maximize their market and margin opportunities. The OneBill platform is a cloud-based, scalable, flexible and secure revenue management solution that provides fully automated, compliant billing capabilities to OneBill’s customers and easy-to-consume self-service to their subscribers. | Twitter: @onebillsoftware | LinkedIn: onebill-inc
About Unico Computer Systems:
Unico was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 and has been delivering real-time, high performance telecommunications, tolling, health, wagering, utilities and supply chain logistics solutions for over 30 years. Unico is committed to delivering smarter, more practical and reliable solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the pack. Always looking for ways to meet our customers’ needs and take on challenges others can’t, we stand behind everything we do to deliver on the promised result.
Contact OneBill:
3080 Olcott Street, Suite D-230, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
+1 (844) 4OB SOFT |
Contact Unico:
L5, 5 Queens Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia
+61 3 9865 9109 |

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