OneBill – a Marketer’s perspective

Start-ups in the software industry all ask the same question – “Do we have the vision to deliver an all-encompassing solution that the market will buy – worldwide?”
When we started building OneBill, every prospective customer was talking about convergent billing, billing automation and the inflexibility of outdated on-premise solutions, even some SaaS solutions. We decided to change the landscape for subscription businesses – for us, billing was not enough. We looked at the problem as a marketer might – with an overview of what companies need to fully deliver a flexible and adaptable subscription service. One thing was clear – whatever pricing models a company started with, it was only a matter of time before they outgrew them. Problem is, their billing solution couldn’t keep up.  We set out to create a unified and integrated billing solution that goes “Beyond Billing”. Literally.
Our customers often wonder how our team is always on top of market trends, proactive with new solutions and going the extra mile all the time. Our answer is “Have you met JK?”
The Development center in Bangalore is a prime example of the spirit of OneBill, it’s in a constant state of activity and agility. Those are the core characters of OneBill, as embodied in our leader, JK Chelladurai.
The Co-Founder at Dropbox once said “Don’t worry about failure, you only have to be right once.”
It’s a brilliant line capturing the spirit of OneBill and JK quotes it often. His philosophy is, “Go ahead, and experiment, that’s what staging is for. When what you develop is great, the customers will thank you for it. When it’s not great, well, there’s always tomorrow to get it right.”
This team takes some really complex features and delivers functionality that makes the customer’s life and use of the product oh-so-easy. Once a client signs up with OneBill, they quickly stop worrying about the billing aspects of business and start focusing on the potential of our solution to help them grow their business, knowing that the OneBill team is on thee case all the time.
The bottom line is that OneBill is most marketers’ fantasy – we get to contribute to OneBill’s destiny and we have a great product to bring to market. With a customer friendly team and market aware leadership, we have our dream.

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